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Circumstances of Tree Removal and Preventive Ideas to Consider

michealanderson February 19, 2020

Everything feels alive and beautiful in the proximity of trees greenery. That is why we love to spend some quality time in parks and gardens. Trees are also among the basic conditions for human survival but they are depleting rapidly. As per the current circumstances, tree cutting is not a feasible approach. Still, some circumstances occur when they become the reason for big troubles. Consequently, removal becomes necessary. Here you are going to understand the critical situations of tree removal and possible steps for prevention in detail.

Major reasons to remove trees

1) Dead tree
Once a tree is dead, it’s better to root it out rather than letting it stand on the ground. A dying tree cannot hold its heavy branches that frequently fall down on a person or your valuable assets. Therefore, find an arborist having adequate knowledge of oak, birch or palm tree removal. They know the most appropriate techniques to remove every single part of a tree safely. It is advisable to remove a dead tree as soon as possible because its trunk can be utilizable for furniture manufacturing. Delaying in cutting results in biological decomposition.

2) Roots or trunk encroaching infrastructure
If your tree is standing at the wrong place, removal may become necessary after a few years. For instance, if a large tree alongside your house encroaches the wall or becomes a threat to the roof, removal is necessary. Also, the roots of a large tree may cause damage to your sewerage system. Therefore, it is advisable to plant a tree after estimating its future consequences.

3) Communicable disease
Communicable diseases like Ash dieback, Anthracnose and oak wilt etc may destroy your entire garden if not handled timely. If you notice something strange such as fading leaves, rotting bark or infestation of parasites, call an arborist immediately to prevent other plants from infection. It is more crucial for those who are growing plants for commercial purposes.

4) Severe damage
Natural calamities like cyclones or storms sometimes cause severe damage to the branches or trees. In some cases, large branches or trunk gets massive damage. If some damaged part of the tree is leaning partially because of physical damage, removal is the only option to stay safe.

Preventive measures

When you contact a tree removal service provider, ask them about the preventive measures. In some cases, partial removal can save the life of your tree. Here are some techniques they can suggest:-

1) Tree pruning
Pruning is a process of branch removal that is infected with a fungal or bacterial infection. The arborist identifies areas of infection and removes them before the entire tree dies or affects the nearby plants also.

2) Tree lopping
Lopping is another great option of saving the life of a tree by removing the crown partially. Arborists know how to manage a large size tree by removing its crown. They safely reduce the height so that your assets remain safe.

These are some important tips to consider whenever it feels necessary to remove a tree. If preventive measures can work, try them initially.

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