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Clean Your Attic Using These 4 Tips

LenaH June 30, 2021

Most of us do not think much or often about our attic. As in most films, it is a dusty place where we leave our rarely used items. The very thought of cleaning it is stressful. The thing is, the attic is an integral part of the house. It is what holds the roof over your head. Fail to take care of it and you can accumulate dust, moisture, mould, and eventually, rotting wood. 

Because of the sheer accumulated mass (old stuff, prized possessions) cleaning your attics may seem overwhelming. As with most things, there is a systematic approach to dealing with this endeavour. Here is how to go about it painlessly and as quickly as possible. 

1. The setup

It would be unwise to just go bare-handed and try to get things done. There are certain precautions one must take in order to make the job as easier and comfortable as possible. Have a scarf or a mask for covering your face. Dust and mould can cause severe damage to your lungs. Anyone that has had asthma will confirm this. Your hands should also be covered. Use gloves to protect your hands from touching anything unsanitary. 

Mould and pest droppings tend to accumulate in the attic. Lastly, wear some kind of full-length clothing. It needs to protect you from any allergens in the air. Now that we got that out of the way, how do we begin? By opening all the windows and doors, to air the place out. Let in that fresh air for a few minutes and you can get to work. 

2. Make room, empty the attic

Before the process of cleaning can begin, you need to make as much room as possible. It will be much easier to work with. Also, you will not miss any spots because that precious antique coffee table was in the way. 

This is the point where you might require an additional pair of helping hands. It is always faster and more fun to work with other people, anyways. If you cannot spare the room, there is another way. Move everything to one side of the attic. Clean that half, then do the other one.

3. Checking for damages

Your attic is susceptible to damage. While you are moving everything around, check for any cracks, rot, mould, etc. It is a unique opportunity to do two things at the price of one. You might discover a malfunction early, and prevent additional damage. A roof leak can be an insidious problem. 

Pest nests are also a big problem that needs to be dealt with. It is always advisable to exercise great caution and call professionals. If you were looking for thorough pest control in Cairns, find a company that will deal with any unwanted squatters in a professional manner. Do not try and get rid of them yourself, you never know what diseases they carry, or how aggressive they are.

4. Make it easier for the future

Try and purge the contents of your attic. Will you actually use some of the stuff you even forgot were even there? There is a popular method of figuring out whether you want to keep something or get rid of it. If you do not use something in the next six months, the chances are you will not use it ever again. Go through all the stuff and organise them. It will make future attic-related endeavours much more bearable. 

Lastly, make a routine and stick to it. If you clean your attic more often, each subsequent time will be less of a chore. Your house will be a much healthier environment for you and your loved ones to live in.

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