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Cold Weather Camping can be Warm

dsmith June 4, 2021

Cold weather camping calls for a lot of careful planning to make the most out of it,” says Chen, the marketing manager at OutGeeker.

Camping in the cold is on every camper’s bucket list. It is more exciting than typical camping as you can pick campsites of your choice, find trails with fewer people, and enjoy more uninterrupted breathtaking views. Nothing compares to spending a day snowshoeing or skiing, away from the campfire warmth. But you must be ready to deal with the cold. However, with adequate planning, you can arm yourself with the appropriate outdoor activities accessories, and cold weather camping will be an experience of a lifetime.

“It’s always crucial to inform your friends, colleagues or family where you are going and when you plan to return. This is particularly important during winter as risks are high due to the downed trees and icy roads,” explained John. “Also, ensure that you check the weather before heading out for the camping trip. Knowing beforehand how the weather conditions will be will help you pack accordingly. If you plan to take to the mountains, understand that the weather can change at the drop of a dime. Therefore, carry enough food, water, and fuel to your cold camping trip.”

You must prioritize eye protection because of the sun’s glare that gets reflected off the snow. To that end, a pair of sunglasses will come in handy. Also, don’t underestimate the sun’s rays; carry sunscreen to protect your skin. The kitchen department must also be well-stocked as meals are an integral part of any camping trip. Ensure your meals feature plenty of stews and soups and hot beverages such as coffee and chocolate. To stay energetic, carry nutrient-rich food. Avoid waiting in the cold for long as the food cooks by bringing some freeze-dried food options as they are easy to prepare.

John further explains that melted snow can work as a good water supply. Just don’t eat snow, as it can cause hypothermia. You can melt snow by heating some water in a pan and then adding fresh, white snow. Having a comfy camp chair will help savour night moments as you sit around a campfire eating and drinking your warm meal and drinks. A rocking chair with a warm comforter is all you need to chill in the wilderness like a boss.

“Cold weather camping doesn’t have to be all boring. You can brave the cold and climb rocks, identify animal tracks in the snow, or even fish. But you must arm yourself with the best fishing gear to enjoy some cold water fishing. After a long day exploring the outdoors, you will need a heavy quality sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. Couple it with a warm sleeping mat, and your cold-weather camping nights will be more than warm.”

Outgeeker is a company specializing in all things outdoors. Whether you want outdoor gear and accessories for summer or winter adventures, you will find everything you need at affordable prices. Visit them to explore their catalog.

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