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Common Dental Procedures

dsmith May 28, 2021

Many people do not know all the dental procedures that are offered in a dental clinic. Dental clinics provide more than just tooth extractions,” says Dr Nana, the owner of Aya Opokuaddo Dental, LLC.

Perhaps you do not like the current state of your smile. Worry not; a dentist has all the appropriate tools to improve the appearance of your smile. But let’s face it; a visit to a dentist is not everyone’s cup of tea. Understanding the various procedures offered by dentists will go a long way in reducing the fear and anxiety prevalent when visiting a dental specialist.

“You can visit general dentistry in columbus for teeth cleaning. This process is recommended every twice a year and is an essential part of oral health. The dentists use sophisticated cleaning equipment that does much better work than regular toothbrushes. If you want shiny, strong, and healthy teeth, visit the clinic for some cleaning. It’s a pain-free process, so don’t fret,” said Dr. Nana. “You should also consider teeth whitening. While you can do it at home, it involves a lot of work, so you should leave it to the experts who will do it safely using the right tools and products.”

One common procedure that we all don’t like is extraction. However, there are medical advancements that now make the process as comfortable as possible. You will be completely numbed to prevent pain as the tooth is being removed. You will feel sore afterwards, but it won’t last. Another common solution to teeth problem is veneers, especially if your teeth are discolored or crooked. This is a covering dentists place on the front part of the teeth to correct and whiten the teeth. The process is simple, and dentists can easily perform it.

According to Aya, a person with cavities should get a filling as soon as possible. The enamel eventually breaks down when exposed to too much acid contained in food, hence the need to fill the cavities quickly. For enlarged cavities where filling may not be possible or where the tooth is decayed, a crown can save the day. The dentist simply takes a molding of the tooth, and a crown that snugly covers the decayed area is designed. Some advanced dental units actually have the right equipment to create a crown right in their offices.

“A dreaded procedure but one that is quite necessary is the root canal Columbus Ohio. In the past, the only solution for a diseased tooth was extraction, but not anymore. A root canal procedure repairs decayed or infected teeth, eliminating the need for extraction. Do you have crooked teeth? Invisalign is the new way to restore your smile. The process uses removable, custom-fitted aligners to tighten the teeth back into place. Unlike the traditional braces, they are less visible and quite comfortable to wear.”

Aya Dental is a state-of-the-art facility offering dental services to Columbus residents in Ohio. It provides a wide range of services, from teeth implants to professional teeth whitening services. Visit their official website to find out more about their services.

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