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Common Wearing and Cleaning Habits that are Ruining your Diamond Rings

aryanmehraa October 27, 2022

High-end jewelry is often gifted to the most extraordinary people, as they symbolise love, commitment and prestige. A diamond ring, for one, is an expensive piece of jewellery that needs to be well taken care of to maintain its luster and resale value.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the common wearing and cleaning habits that can ruin their diamond rings in Australia. Yes, things you do daily are precisely what’s damaging your prized possession.

Confused as to what could you possibly have done that may cost you heavily? Continue reading this post and know which habits to avoid to ensure your precious ring stays all right and shining!

1. Wearing Your Ring While Doing Chores

One of the most common ways of damaging your engagement ring is by wearing them while doing chores. This can cause the diamond to become loose, chip, or crack. It can also damage the setting and make it more difficult to clean the ring. If you must wear your ring while doing chores, remove it before using any harsh chemicals or doing any activities that could stress the ring.

2. Using Harsh Chemicals to Clean Your Ring

When cleaning your diamond rings, you should avoid using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can damage the setting of your ring, as well as the metal band. In addition, harsh chemicals can strip away the natural oils from your skin, leaving your ring feeling dry and uncomfortable. Instead of harsh chemicals, opt for a gentle jewellery cleaner explicitly designed for diamonds.

3. Exposing Your Ring to Extreme Temperatures

Australian summers and winters can both be quite harsh on your sparkling rock. When your diamond ring is exposed to extreme temperatures, it can cause the metal to warp and the diamonds to loosen. This can lead to your ring becoming misshapen and losing its sparkle. So, if you see any signs of damage, be sure to have it checked by a professional jeweler afterward to ensure that it is still in good condition.

4. Storing Your Ring in an Insecure Location

When you’re not wearing your diamond rings in Australia, storing them securely is essential. Unfortunately, many people mistake storing their rings in a random location, which, apart from getting stolen or lost, can lead to bigger problems. Storing your ring in an insecure location can damage the stone. The rock bounces loose in a drawer or box and can become chipped or scratched. So, storing your ring in a soft cloth pouch or another protective case is important when you’re not wearing it.

5. Not Insuring Your Ring

The last, but still one of the most ignored habits among diamond owners, is not getting the jewel insured
. You are taking a significant risk if you’re not insuring your diamond ring. Your ring could be lost, stolen, or damaged, and you would have no way to get it replaced. Insurance protects you from financial loss if something happens to your ring.

Final Check

It is important to be mindful of the way you wear and care for your diamond rings. A diamond is a very strong but also extremely precious element. Thus, be careful while using and cleaning your diamond jewellery, and you’ll enjoy its glamorous shine for years to come.

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