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Compare the Best Immigration Lawyers near Suffolk County, NY today

skyseoroundtable August 26, 2021

If You Have Immigration Questions, You need to talk with the Best immigration lawyer from Shankar & Associates, PC

Immigration Law is a complicated legal area that leaves numerous people with unanswered inquiries. The following are a portion of the common inquiries that customers ask when they meet with a Long Island Immigration Lawyer from our firm.

How would I be able to respond in case I’m denied asylum?

On the off chance that an individual isn’t qualified for asylum, the person in question may apply for Withholding of Removal or Withholding of Removal under the Convention Against Torture (CAT).. These applications are held to higher weights of verification than asylum applications to be successful. Likewise, people granted Withholding of Removal or Withholding of Removal under the Convention Against Torture (CAT) are not allowed to change their status to that of a permanent resident.

How are BIA appeals dealt with?

At the point when a Respondent (a defendant in the immigration court) loses her case, an appeal might be made to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). There are strict time limits put on filing such appeals. Hence, you should look for the advice of a certified immigration lawyer to deal with this significant move in the immigration process.

Most matters heard by an immigration judge are checked on by the BIA. Different choices are inspected by the Department of State or the Department of Labor.

Is Consular Processing a possibility for me?

At the point when a change of status isn’t a choice, an individual should apply for an immigrant visa and cycle it through a U.S. consul overseas. Toward the end of this cycle, the candidate at that point goes to the United States for admission as a lawful permanent resident.

A few people may require a inadmissibility waiver to enter the United States dependent on consular processing. This is an incredibly unpredictable and overwhelming time of the cycle. Numerous people and their families are on edge and frightened. Our immigration lawyers in Long Island will guide the person through this difficult interaction.

How does the immigration “lottery” work?

The Diversity Lottery Visa is a limited visa that is accessible on a “lottery” premise. This interaction is laid out yearly by the US State Department. It is for people from nations from which visas are not readily used. But , an individual should not be out of status in the United States if they wish to utilize this visa. Likewise, people abroad who utilize this visa should be permitted to the United States.

Would I be able to immigrate to the US because my relative is a resident?

US residents and lawful permanent residents can petition for most close family members to move to the United States. Various procedures are included. Distinctive holding up times should be perceived during such process. Not all family connections are perceived for purposes of immigration to the United States. An individual can petition for their parents or siblings. Be that as it may, a grandkid, for example, couldn’t appeal to a grandparent. What’s more, a niece couldn’t petition for an auntie or uncle.

Is finding a new line of work in the US enough for me to get citizenship?

Acquiring employment in the US is an incredible method to enter the US. Even though employment visas are generally common, comparative choices are accessible. (Significantly, numerous clients request a labor certificate, yet these fall under employment visas.)

In quite certain cases, few people may qualify for Extraordinary Ability visas. On the off chance that you accept that you have a very rare quality that could profit the United States, our Long Island law firm could help you in deciding whether you are qualified for such an advantage.

What happens in case I’m facing deportation?

At the point when the U.S. government endeavours to deport a person, that individual is set into Removal Proceedings. These are directed at an immigration court under the steady gaze of a federal immigration judge.

In numerous occurrences, an individual can effectively state their Defense before the immigration court. The key is obtaining Long Island immigration lawyers who are capable of working in the framework who can distinguish suitable methods for help from deportation.

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