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Compare Vst Shakti VT 224-1D And New Holland 3037 TX Tractors

Purohitbhavesh May 1, 2021

Tractors are the most important companion and of farmers. The most crucial demand of agriculture is highly developed tractors. As we all know, tractors are a fundamental requirement of farmers. Tractors gave a new path to agriculture, and since their invention, they became the true companions of the farmers. All the tractors are different to each other and have different prices, making the tractor purchasing process tricky. 

Are you Confused Between Vst Shakti VT 224-1D And New Holland 3037 TX? 

Yes, you are at the right place, here we compare tractor features and price, helping you find the best one. 

Vst Shakti VT 224-1D And New Holland 3037 TX are the best tractor models belonging to the Vst Shakti and New Holland tractor brands in India. Both tractor models are powerful and efficient, providing work excellence. Vst Shakti VT 224-1D and New Holland 3037 TX are made with advanced technological solutions, making these models more efficient. Vst Shakti VT 224-1D is the 22 HP power mini tractor with 3-cylinders, 980 CC that generates 3000 RPM. Rather New Holland 3037 TX is the 39 HP power tractor with 3-cylinders, 2500 CC, which produces 2000 RPM.

This Vst Shakti tractor is perfect for paddy operations and comes with an 18-litre fuel tank, improving production and saving extra expenses. New Holland tractor offers a 42-litre fuel tank and is ideal for various farming operations. Both models can handle adverse climate and weather conditions.

These tractor prices have a subtle difference. Vst Shakti VT 224-1D tractor price is Rs. 3.42 lakh* and New Holland 3037 TX available at  Rs. 5.40 lakh* – 6.20 lakh*. Vst Shakti tractor price is less than New Holland tractor price. 

We hope this comparison will help you to choose a tractor which suits you or your desire. Now you can select the best one. For more information, visit Here, you can also compare any tractor with the compare tractor section. 

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