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Comparison Between Mahindra 475 DI Tractor & Eicher 241 Tractor

devenup October 4, 2021

Mahindra 475 Tractor & Eicher 241 Tractor both are excellent tractor models in India. They both are powerful and suitable for various farming operations. However, these tractors perform different agriculture tasks like planting, threshing, sowing and many more. Both tractors are developed with advanced technologies and loaded with excellent features, but still, they are different to each other. From engine capacity to clutch and brakes, these tractors are different. So, if you are confused between them, then here we compare both the tractors. In the below section, we compare the engine capacity, features and price range of both. 

1. Engine Capacity 

Mahindra 475 DI tractor is a 42 hp tractor, and on the other hand, Eicher 241 is a 25 hp mini tractor. The Mahindra tractor model comes with 4-cylinders and a 2730 CC engine. The Eicher 241 tractor is loaded with a 1-cylinder and a 1557 CC engine.  Both tractors have the best cooling system and air filter, which keep their inner system clean and cool. 

2. Clutch System 

The Mahindra 475 DI tractor has a dual-clutch, whether the Eicher 241 has a single clutch. Along with this, Mahindra 475 comes with 8 Forward & 2 Reverse gears, which provide the best forward and reverse speed. On the other hand, Eicher 241 is loaded with 5 Forward & 1 Reverse gears, offering the best reverse and forward speeds. 

3. Brakes 

The Mahindra 475 tractor has Dry Disc Brakes or Oil Immersed brakes. Eicher 241 comes with Disc Brake or Drum Oil Immersed Brakes. 

4. Fuel Tank & Lifting Capacity

Mahindra 475 DI has a 48-litre fuel tank, whether a 35-litre fuel tank is available in an Eicher 241 tractor. 

5. Price 

Mahindra 475 tractor is available at  Rs. 5.45 Lakh – Rs. 5.90 Lakh and an Eicher 241 tractor price is Rs. 3.42 Lakh*. 

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