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Corporate Gifting- necessity or luxury?

Ashish Kumar January 20, 2015

Corporate GiftingAlright, we come to the point that most people ask if corporate gifts are indeed a necessity or luxury. Well, if you need to know more about it, you should focus on building real products that matter but the question is do they really matter? Are they a necessity for any business or corporation to start or it is just an option for those who are able, hence a luxury?

Well, to answer this, we will have to focus on some facts and interesting stuff about corporate gifts before we lay our judgment with corporate gifts.

What are corporate gifts? Corporate gifts are the best products to have just because they relay such good information to your clients and are not intrusive while doing so. Furthermore, they are not your items not for your benefits but for the clients and prospects. The thing is, corporation thinks that this gifts always have to give something back for the company. But no, not ideally since the thought of giving corporate gifts is a means of giving back to the clients, employees, and everyone who you want to receive the products that can see value in them. But it is also not a thing of luxury for anyone can do so. It is not definitely a necessity but I think the right word is privilege.

You have the privilege to give back to your clients and you should know that you can truly provide value just by providing real outcome for your clients without you truly causing trouble for your brand by lying about how amazing your product and how edgy you are over others in the market when in fact you are offering pretty much the same thing – you should know that this is what most advertiser do in commercials or other traditional ads. But with corporate gifts, you are not asking for anything in return but just to help your clients.

But there is a catch. You are able to add your logo and company name in the product. This although not invasive can have a huge impact to your clients — and this where usually the magic happens. People will love your brand for offering such value for free to them. But this once again depends on how you thought of giving real and quality products to them. If you are focused on your promotions and gains, then you may not reach such level of giving, and perhaps positive feedback, because you may be giving substandard products that don’t work.

So basically, to answer the question, corporate gifts are neither a necessity nor a luxury but instead it is a privilege. Those who persevere with it, goes successful and gets results as they move along. But some may not get results right away, but still they stay patient with it and eventually they reap results in times that they don’t expect it. This is the beauty of corporate gifts and you can have it in your hands.

With this said, here are some corporate gifts that could make a difference in your campaign and truly provide value to your clients and prospects.
Promotional Power bank for Phone & Tablet

With promotional power bank for phone & tablet, you are able to provide so much value that people could love you and think of you each time you save them from a dying battery. This is such a beautiful outcome and result that you want to get to your clients. Recently, these power banks are getting stronger and are looking better. Not to mention that their size and weight are getting smaller and lighter! This is a perfect corporate gift to offer to your clients today and you should be proud offering such product!

The promotional bag

Promotional bags are mainstream but you can always be creative with it. In fact, a lot of people love this product so much that they use it on a regular basis. Adding character to the product will give you a lot more usage and a lot more recognition of your brand. Nonetheless, targeting the right group of people will definitely get you the results you wanted.

Once again, there are a lot of corporate gifts out there but they don’t necessarily mean that they are a necessity or luxury for you to have. You can have it if you want to!

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