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Corrugated Printer Die Cutter- How to Choose the Best Equipment for Your Office?

SGM SALES August 17, 2021

Corrugated printer dies cutters are widely used in printing houses, photo studios, advertising agencies, and any other public and private institutions that care about their image and take working with documents seriously. It allows you to cut paper to the required size, cut brochures and badges. The main advantages of the device are fast and smooth cutting. There are numerous options available on the market. How to choose the appropriate model of the corrugated printer to die cutter? Let’s analyze this now in detail.

A corrugated printer die cutter is a tool that allows you to cut a large number of sheets simultaneously. The device is convenient and allows you to work with large print runs, which explains its wide demand.

 Types of Paper Cutters

  • Roller manual table cutters,
  • Saber hand-held table cutters,
  • Manual guillotines for paper,
  • Semi-automatic guillotines,
  • Large format reciprocating hand cutters,
  • Programmable automatic guillotines.

 Which Paper Cutter Is Better?

It depends on the intended use of the device. The roller is suitable for the home; the saber can be purchased for the office. The guillotine model is helpful in a printing house or an enterprise with a significant turnover of documentation. So how do I choose a suitable paper cutter? You need to take into account such parameters as:  

  • Cutting parameters,
  • Cutting type,
  • Type of paper fixation, 
  • Desktop size,
  • Duration of warranty,
  • Security while use,
  • Facility to change a simple curved blade.

Things to keep in mind while choosing corrugated printer die cutter-

  • A roller cutter is best if you need good quality under light load, especially in a small office. It can cut both plain sheets and laminated paper photos. The main advantage is the highest possible cutting accuracy.
  • If you primarily need productivity, choose a reciprocating cutter. It will have a reasonably high cutting speed (up to 50 sheets at a time).
  • If both high productivity and high quality matter a lot, choose a guillotine cutter. The advantages are good regulation of cutting accuracy, ease of use, the ability to work with a large print run, and the maximum size of the foot.

It is important to note that paper cutters are primarily designed for regular office paper, photos, and loose cardboard. The use of thicker materials can lead to premature wear of the equipment and blunt knives. Using the correct paper cutter will ensure that your documents are attractive and your job is completed on time.

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