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How to Create Effective Signage for Your Business

Stephan321 January 14, 2019

Starting a new business and growing it into several dimensions requires the creation of a sound brand and marketing strategy. Companies use a lot of techniques to inform people about their business. One of them is using signage for advertisement of your brand, products or services.

However, the signage needs to be very effective to promote a product or service. It should be visible and able to communicate the message to maximum people. Organisations need to consider plenty of factors while creating effective signage for your business.


The signage serves the purpose of communicating your message to potential customers. It is possible only if your banner sign is visible to people. To create high visibility, it is essential to use eye-catching text, images, and graphics in your advertisement. Also, it is best to create a high contrast as it catches attention. Moreover, the size and placement of signage should be set in such a way to offer it high visibility.


Signage should be readable and easily understandable by the viewers. It should communicate your message clearly to the viewers. Your advertisement should be readable from a comfortable distance.

Usually, the signage is installed on high traffic locations like intersections, where people are at least 4 to 5 meters away from the signage. Therefore, an advertisement should be visible and readable from a distance of 10 meters.

Usually, people drive with an average speed of 40 to 60 miles per hour. Your advertisement should be visible by the moving traffic on the road.

Size of the signage

The size of signage is difficult to decide as all the locations are not same, neither is the distance from which the viewers are going to see your banner sign. You should create the size of banner signs according to the distance of viewers from the point of installation.

Bigger the size of a banner, higher is the visibility. Whatever the location of installation of signage, the viewer should be able to see and read the advertisement comfortably without raising their head. Moreover, it should be placed in such a way that it should be difficult to bypass it without seeing.

The size of the text, images, and spacing between them plays a significant role in the visibility of an advertisement. In addition to the size of banner one need to adjust the size of the letters, images, and graphics to make it easily readable by the viewers.

Colours and graphics

The colours and graphics used in the advertisement are also crucial for the visibility and effectiveness of signage. It is best to use vibrant colours and clear graphics in your banner ads. The colours and graphics should not confuse the viewer or make it difficult to understand your message.

Some images and graphics attract the attention of customers, and the viewers are not able to read the text or contact details like physical address or web URL of the business. The function of images and graphics is to attract the attention of viewers, but they should read your address, website and understand any offer shown in the ad.

Location of installation

The location of installation is also important as it determines how many people are viewing your advertisement daily. Banner signs work best in the high traffic locations or the locations where most of your target audience visits regularly. For example, Corflute signs are best for indoor areas like retail stores and food chains.

Some companies install their billboards on the high traffic location where everyone can see them. For example, Coca-cola and Pepsi install their banner on road intersections and public places because they target the general public.

If you have a business that targets specific types of customers, then the banner signs need installation in locations visited by your target audience. For example, if you make software useful for IT (Information technology) professionals, you need to install your ads in the IT parks and industrial areas.

Make your signage effective

The effectiveness of any advertisement depends on how quickly the viewers understand it and how effectively it delivers the message to the audience. To make your advertisement highly effective, use a focal point in the ad. The focal point is an image, graphics or text that attracts attention.

The ad should make the viewer understand the message and key points. Also, it should not contain too much text or images that can make it look cluttered. Moreover, it should be simple so that the viewers understand the entire advertisement within 3 to 5 seconds.

Final Words

Business owners and marketing managers need to consider all these factors while designing their banner ads. The signage companies Brisbane offers excellent quality of banner signs for all types of businesses whether established or startups.

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