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Creative Ideas For Kids Birthday Parties

John Stone March 12, 2015

Your child’s birthday is a few weeks away, and they are already full of excitement. But you keep thinking about all the things you have to do, and all the things you have to think of before the event: make a guest list, prepare food, get drinks, decide on the location, and many more. If you have managed to deal with the basics, and now you are thinking about how to make your child’s birthday party unique and memorable, here are a couple of ideas on what you can do to make this day really special.

Theme Party

If you have a little one that is still in kindergarten, they will certainly love the idea of having a birthday with a particular theme. You can always choose to go with a simpler one, like ‘stripes’ or ‘dots’, meaning that everything will be in one of these patterns. You need to make everything match the theme: the invitations, table clothes, glasses and plates, and you can even order a designer cake. If you can not think of anything else, talk to your child, as they are full of interesting ideas.


One of the things you might hear from your child is “Mommy, I want to be a Cinderella”, as in that age, they are usually obsessed with a particular fairytale or cartoon. What you can do is try to make it real. So go a step further and organize a costume party, where everyone will dress up as their favorite character, but also make sure that all other things at the party match this particular theme. A good thing is that no matter which storybook birthday you are planning, there are cups and plates with pictures of it to match. The most important thing is to include this information on the invitation, so that the parents would know to dress their kids accordingly.


Children are of imaginative nature, and if you just leave them alone in the backyard, they will find the way to amuse themselves. However, there are a couple of things you could do to make the party more interesting. You could set up a small stage in the garden and put a karaoke machine, just make sure that there are at least two or three mics, so that more of them could sing at the same time. You could also put a craft table for those more creative ones. Give them glue, glitter and paint, and broad smiles will appear on their faces in no time. Also, hang a piñata on one of the tree branches, get something to cover their eyes and let them play. Finally, you can always hire a clown or a magician to entertain children when they are tired from all the other activities. Clowns always make those funny balloon animals that kids can take home and have a souvenir to remind them of great time they had.

Book a Venue

Most parents pick to have a party at their own home, however, sometimes they either do not have time to prepare everything, or there is not enough room for all the guests they are expecting. Luckily, there are a lot of kids birthday party venues that will take the burden that comes with the organization off your back. There they have everything, together with a professional that will assist you, or even plan the whole event. They usually offer you an entertainer, games prepared in advance, but most importantly, food and drinks, so you will not have to prepare anything yourself, or look for catering services.

Organizing your child’s birthday party can be quite time consuming and difficult, but if you put a lot of effort to it, you will see smiles on their faces, and will realize that it was all worth it.

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