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Data Backup Systems – What Kinds Are There? What Are the Pluses and Minuses?

articlespostsharing March 24, 2021

This article covers the very important topic of data backup systems. It outlines the two major methods of data backup systems, and what are the pluses and minuses of both.

What are the different kinds of data backup systems?

There are two major types, IT Support and Managed Services Long Island local and remote.


This basically covers any system which is stored on the same premises as the computer which you are wanting to backup. It includes things such as tape drives, external hard drives and CD ROM.


Remote covers any system in which the backed up data is stored many miles away from your computer. This typically will be a specialist service provider. They will have their own dedicated data centres which are used to house your data.

What are the Pluses and Minuses of both?



1. One of the pluses, is that there are no ongoing service fees which you need to pay to an external provider. This however is counter balanced by the fact that you will have higher set up costs, and you will also need to put in more time and effort to maintain a good system.

2. You have complete control over the way you set up and operate your system. You can set it up exactly how you want it. The flipside to this, is that you will need to be reasonably tech savvy or hire someone who is.


1. The data is stored locally near your computer. This means there are situations when your backup system may not work. If someone steals your computer they may also steal your backup system. Also both your computer and your backup system may get damaged by things such as fire, flood, power surges or hardware failure.

2. You need to invest significant amounts of time and money setting up the system. You will need expertise and will need to buy specialist equipment. Good quality equipment can cost you significant amounts of money.

3. You need to spend more time and effort maintaining the system. You will need to have a regular backup procedure in place.



1. Your data is managed by professionals. Your data is most likely very precious and some may be completely irreplaceable. By having it managed and looked after by professionals in highly secure data centres, then you are minimising the chance of something happening to affect your data.

2. Your data is far away from your computer. This makes your backup data way less likely to be stolen if your computer is stolen. You will be able to access your data from another computer provided you have all of the correct passwords. It also means that if you have a local problem such as fire, flood, power surges or hardware failures then your remote data backup will still be safe.


1. You will need to entrust a service provider with the job. This will require of you to be comfortable with a particular company. Obviously some companies are better than others. You can find out more information about remote data backup systems by Long Island IT Solutions Company.

2. There is an ongoing service fee. Your data is taking up room in premium data centres, as well as being managed professionally, so there is going to be a cost to that. Mostly it is charged monthly depending on how much data you need backed up.

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