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Different Brain-Boosting Activities for Preschoolers

michealanderson February 26, 2020

You can enable your toddler to kick off his brain development by taking part in fun and games activities with him. All that you do with your toddler –talking, playing, strolling, eating, reading, cuddling, and singing help start his brain. When you utilize your imagination with him, for instance, you assist his with the brain to make “imagination pathways” of its own.

Kids remember experiences that they have an emotional part. Delicate, adoring fun combined with responsive language from you makes an environment wherein learning flourishes. That is the reason it is significant for you to bond with your kid in such activities. Things you do together improve his learning (among numerous different advantages). This is something that play-alone high-tech toys like tablets, tv, video games, and others won’t be able to offer.

At ASPAM Preschool, one of the best Day Care in Noida, we organize several brain-boosting activities with to help preschools develop good learning skills.

Block Patterns

Utilize building blocks to form simple structural patterns, for example, 2 blocks with one above, three in a row set of blocks, etc. Playfully ask your little child to duplicate the pattern. After sometime later, ask him to form his pattern. Show your little child that you are having a great time copying his pattern. Form the samples quite complicated as your kid turns out to be very capable in making sense of how to build block structures on the basis of your pattern. Gradually, you can also permit him to play freely with building structures.

Paper Puzzle

Use shaded paper, cut shapes, and makes a board which has drawings that fit the shapes. Make your kid match with the cut-up shapes with the ones on the board.

Another thought is to get very colorful as well as attractive photos of a simple object from magazines. Cut them in four and ask your kid to put the photos back together again. To make the riddle more challenging, you can divide the picture into multiple pieces, or in irregular shapes. Also, you can mix-up cut-outs from 2 pictures.

Stacking Game

Play with blocks or such toys that stacks. Challenge your little child by stacking the toys as high as possible.

Reading A Story Book

Select a storybook suitable for your toddler, one with an easy plot. Read the book with him by utilizing gestures and transforming the tone of your voice relying on the condition in the story as well as which character is speaking.

Reading books aloud to kids stimulates their minds and grows their understanding of the world. It assists kids to learn a language and listening skills and sets them up to comprehend written words.


Get non-poisonous modeling clay from a toy store. Tell your little child the best way to make shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and give him how they fit together. To make the game quite fun, advance to modeling identifiable 3d shapes like table, blocks, lollipop, etc.

This game activity your kid’s creative mind as well as the stimulation of really making something.

Counting And Rhyming

Sing with your kid nursery rhymes that include numbers, for example, “Five Little Ducks”. While singing the rhyme with her, show the numbers with items, for example, toys or even simply holding up your fingers as you count. Rehash this game as long as she appreciates it. Hearing the numbers over and over reinforces her math vocabulary.

Grouping Stuff Together

Collect a selection of huge buttons, colorful beads and things that are simple to sort into a table. Tell your little child the best way to assemble things by color, shape or size. Let your kid group the items without anyone else help. After the stuff is arranged, count them individually.

At ASPAM Preschool, the reputed Play School in Noida, we love kids and want to see them grow by gaining new skills. We conduct different activities to reduce their boredom and increase their interest to keep them engaged.

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