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Different Types Of Golf Course Mowers And Their Comparison

johnmiller3413 December 31, 2021

It is important to have tools and equipment that can be used in managing and maintaining a golf course. When you have no such equipment you can not provide the customers with services they desire. Hence maintaining a golf course is the need of the hour if you own one.

Talking about golf course mowers, they are one of the most important tools that are needed for keeping up with the golf course. Mower is in fact the first thing that you would need for course maintenance. Also, not just one but it is important to have different types of golf course mowers for maintaining the land properly. Here are the types of mowers available in the market.

  • Reel mowers
  • Golf green mowers
  • Triplex mowers
  • Approach mowers
  • Collar mowers
  • Tee mowers
  • Fairway mowers
  • Rough mowers
  • Rotary mowers

Out of all this, two of the most essential mowers that every golf course needs for maintenance are reel mowers and rotary mowers. Let us know more about both of these mowers.

Reel Mower

This is a manual lawn mower which can be operated by literally anyone. It is used in huge golf courses, lawns etc. The reel is a helical structure of the blades in the mower which is combined in a horizontal position. This is a great setting when it comes to trimming the grass. Reel mowers are traditional mowers that can be found in every house wherever gardens and lawns exist. The latest version of Jacobsen golf course mowers in the same category can be used for covering a large area. They are efficient mowers that accomplish the task of turf maintenance in no time.

Rotary Mower

Next common mower in the list is rotary mower. These mowers work on the latest mechanism and are widely popular in the market. Just like the reel mowers, rotary mowers are also available in the manual operating model. They are extremely easy to operate. All you need to do is push them forward and they are all set to do the needful. However, people are more inclined towards the electronic and fuel supporting engines of rotary mowers. These mowers have rotary blades that trim the grass in an upward direction. These mowers work faster than reel mowers.

Comparison between Rotary and Reel Mowers

Talking about the efficiency of two, here are a few specifications on the basis of which these two mowers can be compared.

  • Perfection in mowing is better seen in reel mowers. Due to their helical structure they cut the grass just like a scissor. The height is precise and perfect. Whether you want one inch height of the grass or less, reel mowers are worth choosing.
  • The time consumed by both the tools is slightly similar, but if you ask about the fastest tool it has to be a rotary mower. The fact that a rotary mower doesn’t provide better precision as that of reel mower, makes it more clear why they are fast at service. Its blades work rapidly and are perfect for trimming the grass of large grounds.
  • Lastly, the compatibility of both the mowers vary. Depending on the terrains, rotary mowers are more compatible than the reel mowers. Whether you have to cut the grass or eradicate weed from your backyard, rotary mowers are the ones you must go for. These mowers tend to work exactly the same in rough areas as smooth. They also cause least possible damage.

The above blog makes it more clear for the buyers that reel mowers are meant for attaining perfection and rotary mowers are chosen for rapid work. Talking about the maintenance of a large golf course, you will need both of them.

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