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Different Types Of Trucks In India With Use & Benefits

sonagoyal February 8, 2022

Trucks are the essential commercial vehicle in the logistics industry. The vehicle is use for transporting various materials, whether it’s light, medium or heavy. This efficient vehicle can easily transport all types of goods. Generally, trucks are use for long-distance transportation of medium and heavy goods. The best thing about this commercial vehicle is that it can carry many goods at a time.

As we all know, the transport of goods was done by animals in ancient times. But with the development of technologies, all this is being done by advance trucks. Transportation by animals is quite hardworking and time-consuming, so to avoid such problems, truck are invente. As soon as they arrive, they reduce all the issues and provide efficient transportation. As a result, today most people use truck for transportations and hence it is one of the growing businesses in the World. 

Truck enable the quick, easy departure of goods and accept smaller loads than railways. They have capture short-haul goods transport and a major chunk of long-haul goods transport. Today, many truck makers offer truck models such as Ashok Leyland BOSS and many more. Also, you can get different types of truck in the market because of these makers. All these truck have different works, sizes, engines, everything is different, yet they are all trucks.

Do you want to know about these different types of trucks?

If yes, you are at the right. Here, we will provide information about various trucks. In this blog, we will mention different types of truck with their uses and benefits. So, to completely know about these trucks, keep with this blog till the end! 

Various Types Of Trucks In India

As we already mentioned, we will discuss different kinds of trucks in this blog. The below section will provide all important details about trucks, such as advantages and use. The provided information will also help you get your desire truck according to your transportation business, especially if you are a beginner in the trucking business. So, what are we waiting for? Without any delay, let’s start the blog. 

1. Mini Truck 

The first type of truck on the list is a mini truck used to transport light loads. Mini truck is also known as micro trucks and small trucks. It is available with RWD and 4WD versions. This type of truck is used in intracity low tonnage cargo delivery like courier service, furniture, home appliances for short distances. It is used in intra-city low tonnage cargo delivery, such as postal and courier services or home delivery of equipment from dealer to the customer, i.e. light loads over short distances. These types of trucks are used for selling groceries in societies in modern days. In a lockdown, mini trucks make the reach of fruits and vegetables easy. 

The mini-truck can broadly be describe as a sub 1000cc engine weighing less than 3.5 tonnes. Therefore, it is suitable for small intra-city deliveries that ply on narrow village roads, long highways carrying small heavy loads or even heavy cargo.


  • Save extra fuel costs 
  • Large storage capacity 
  • Saves time and effort
  • Affordable

2.Tipper Truck 

The second type of truck on the list is the tipper truck. It is a heavy and powerful truck use to transport heavy materials such as coal, cement, rock, and many more. This type of truck is widely used in mining, construction, dumping yards etc. Tipper truck are also known as dumper trailers, dumping truck, dump trucks and dumper lorries. This kind of truck is used for long route transportation. It involves an open box bed-mounted at the rear and hydraulic rams. Tipper is very helpful for users who want to work in large areas. It is one of the highly performe truck models in India. The truck model is efficient and effective in working. 


  • For the large scale workplace, tipper has no competition. It is also good for earthmoving projects because this truck can load up, and you can easily remove dirt from the working site with the help of this truck. 
  • Tipper truck carry large quantities of material and do not need to make as many trips as smaller vehicles.

3. Pickup Truck 

The third type of truck on the list is a pickup truck. It transports small and medium goods around the city. Generally, pickup is used as a delivery vehicle and provide good comfort. It is a light motor vehicle with an open-top and a bed. The pickup truck comes with a separate side/cab and an open rear section. It has large and is used for moving different things. Pickup trucks are available in various sizes and shapes.


  • Pickups are durable as they can support all types of commercial activities.
  • In addition, the pickup truck is loade with the best-in-class safety features.

These are some efficient trucks use for different purposes and on different sites. The size, work, route, etc., everything is different to each other. For more such informative blogs, stay tune with us. 

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