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Digitrac Tractor- Price And Popular Models

sonagoyal April 22, 2021

Digitrac Tractor showed up in 2019 with Escort Group. Presently, trendy farmers can purchase Digitrac Tractor Models, at the best cost, without much time. Digitrac plans to enable farmers of India. 

All Digitrac tractors are filled with creative highlights. These tractors are a real example of advancement and innovation. Presently it’s just accessible in Punjab and Haryana. Digitrac is India’s underlying on-line tractor stage. 

Why Prefer A Digitrac Tractor?

Because all Digitrac tractors are an ideal blend of global trends and solace with choices most appropriate to Indian farming, Digitrac tractors offer many unique highlights that are appropriate for Indian agriculture. 

Digitrac tractor is the best farm vehicle design because of its USP. It has the best PTO power for workable carry out. With these inventive highlights, it has communicated new heights of achievement. Its smart look and configuration pull the customers.

Features Of Digitrac Tractors 

  1. Digitrac tractor is the only tractor which provides doorstep demos with doorstep services.
  1. Digitrac describes itself with the words like uniqueness, efficiency, advancement and many more.
  1. It provides a 5- year warranty for extra charge savings.

Popular digitrac tractor models with price 

  1. Digitrac PP 51i Tractor model on street price is Rs. 6.80 lakh*, which is very appropriate, and it comes with 60 HP.
  1. Digitrac PP 43i Tractor model comes at a very reasonable price: Rs. 5.85 lakh* and 47 HP.
  1. Digitrac PP 46i Tractor model comes in affordable cost is Rs. 6.30 lakh to 6.50 lakh* and equipped with 50 HP.

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