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Disc Plough in India – The Excellent Farm Machine

sonagoyal February 19, 2021

Disc plough is a widely used farm machine in India. The machine is designed to complete all soil types operations like soil turning, soil mixing, soil braking, and soil raising. The machine can easily handle rocky and rooted areas. It is beneficial and used for the soil where the main problem is scouring. Also, it is used to break, cut, and invert furrow slices. It is perfect for primary tillage operation and can withstand challenging, dry, trashy, stumpy, and stony land conditions. 

Types of Disc Plough

Two type of tractor disc plough available:-

  • Standard Disc Plough 
  • Vertical Disc Plough 

Components of Disc Plough

Disc plough consists of 

  1. Disc 

A disc is a round and curved rotating plate which is used to cut and invert the soil. 

  1. Disc angle 

Disc angle refers to the angle at which the cutting edge’s plane of the disc slanted to the direction of movement. 

  1. Tilt angle 

Tilt angle refers to the angle at which the cutting edge’s plane slanted to the vertical line. 

  1. Scraper 

The scraper removes the soil and is attached to the working surface of a disc. 

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