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Discovery of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

ickatien August 26, 2021

People used to dream about what the future would look like. Imagine how people will live in an era where advanced technology solves today’s health problems. Can you imagine that the chronic pain caused by illness, injury, surgery, old age, and incurable health problems in the United States and the world has really been cured in 2014? I must say that it is the most terrible, incurable health problem that gives people with health problems a clouded life.

The key to staying fit and healthy is PEMF’s advanced secret miracle technology that has revolutionized the way doctors treat pain. However, there are many different devices. There is little information to describe what makes one PEMF device better than another. We come across confusing numbers and confusing scientific terms as we try to figure out the real difference between all PEMF machines, you know, the kind of information you find on sale! That’s why; We cultivate and research PEMF devices to eliminate fog around PEMF devices currently on the market!

PEMF is a device that works on the principle of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Let’s start here:

Nikola Tesla was the first modern person to be recognized for manipulating electromagnetic fields for health. His methods and patents in the early 1900s for Tesla coils are also used for electromagnetic medical devices. The device at the time was a very large circular magnetic coil that would surround the patient while pulsed electromagnetic field therapy standing or lying on the bed. They get their energy directly from the 50 or 60 Hz electrical sine wave system, and the truth is that the patient will feel immediate relief from their pain. Tesla’s approach to electrotherapy was originally intended for electricians to trade in electricity. But electrical therapy devices are not popular with doctors. When teachers in western medical schools choose to educate medical students only about medication and surgery, (Results of the famous Flexner Report 1910)

In addition, the pharmaceutical industry’s concerted efforts to discredit electromagnetic therapy have been labeled a “hoax,” and electromedical devices are considered solely for diagnostic purposes, such as X-rays. Tesla’s advances were quickly forgotten. Like the work of Georges Lakhovsky and his multi-wave oscillator (MWO), Lakhovsky had clinics all over Europe in the 1920s. by providing electromagnetic therapy, vibration therapy or therapy “Vibration” Lakhovsky’s method was very successful. He was approached by several hospitals in New York hoping to test his device in an experiment. The dramatic results were obtained from a seven-week clinical trial conducted at a major hospital in New York City and from a urologist in Brooklyn in the summer of 1941. What seemed like a breakthrough. The trend of using MWOs in America quickly faded after the sudden death in New York in 1942 (aged 73), a car crashed and killed him in the most mysterious way. His device was removed from the hospital and the patient was told it was no longer available for treatment. We believe this murder is Maurice Fishbein (AMA) and Big Pharmaceutical. In my opinion, the reason for this terrible act.

You see that drug companies and doctors think they can make a lot of money to “cure” people, not to make them better. and then hired someone else to pay for the drug. They relentlessly continue to discredit costly treatments that threaten profits. Although in several countries Not under the influence of large pharmaceutical companies such as the Soviet Union, electromagnetic therapy has not disappeared. But it has been further developed and is still widely used in hospitals. Their scientists found that when a magnetic field is pulsed, the result was greatly increased. It encompasses the inherent vibrations of a wide variety of cells and tissues, Lakhovsky might say.

We’ll walk through the basics to give you a better understanding of what really happens during your PEMF treatment. You may find it easier to understand which PEMF device is best for you. We’ll keep it short, sweet, and simple, so be sure to make a note of it as it will help you when we start comparing different machines.

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