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Do Not Let Small Carpet Burns Burn Big Hole in Your Pocket. Effortlessly Fix Carpet Burns in Sydney.

Morgan Poll August 26, 2021

Cigarettes not just pose a health risk to the smoker but can put your carpets at the risk of burn damage. One spark when lighting the cigarette or a cherry falling from the end can damage the carpet and spoil the look of your bedroom or living room. 

Most people feel that carpet burn repair service is not economical, and they simply replace the carpet every time they experience a burn. The carpet burn repair method can remove these unsightly blemishes and restore your elegant carpet to its original condition. Depending on the size of the burn, you can use the carpet burn repair technique.

Follow these steps to fix carpet burns in Sydney.

oriental rug fringe restoration

Small Carpet Burn Repair Sydney

Small carpet burn repair is simple, and you do not have to hire professional carpet burn repair services to fix it. All you would need is a manicure set and a few handy-dandy tools to fix carpet repair in Sydney.

  • Trim the damaged bit with a sharp scissor. Use tweezers to remove any left-out burned carpet fiber.
  • Cut a few fibers from the hidden area, such as under the bed or inside the closet.
  • Take synthetic adhesive and dab a few drops onto the damaged section. 
  • Place the undamaged carpet fibers onto the damaged carpet. You can use tweezers to achieve maximum precision.
  • Place a heavy object such as a large book and leave it for several days to allow the adhesive to dry off completely.
  • Lastly, trim the large carpet fiber to blend the old and new carpet pieces.

Large Carpet Burn Repair Sydney 

Larger carpet burn repair requires more than just a few carpets fluff, you would need a different approach to fix large carpet burns. If you have remnant carpet, then the restoration work will become easier. If you do not have extra carpet, consider cutting a section from the hidden area, such as under the couch, bed, or inside the closet.

  • Remove the damaged carpet as much as possible. Use a sharp blade or knife to cut the damaged area. Vacuum the area to easily spot the damaged carpet area.
  • Measure the damaged area. Cut the new carpet one inch larger than the damaged area.
  • Double-check the measurement of damaged carpet area and fresh carpet piece. If it fits perfectly, then apply some carpet adhesive to stick it firmly.
  • Place something heavy on top of the carpet. Let it sit for a couple of days. 
  • Remove the weight and use a large-toothed comb to brush the carpet and even out the fibres.

If you feel that the damage is beyond your control, hire a professional carpet burn repair service.

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