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Do You Know How To Manage Your Online Campaign?

lenardjohnson October 28, 2016

Marketing online can seem like a daunting challenge and while your company may have a department or an employee who is in charge of things like social media, SEO, and PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing, do you know if you’re managing it as well as you could be? Outsourcing your online marketing campaign can be not just an effective way to cut down on the costs, it can also improve your ROI and deliver better performance tracking than an in house answer.

If you run a business in London, Ontario, your strategy should be targeting local audiences – but how do you weed out London’s half million people from the whole world wide web? The most important trend in SEO and PPC today is moving toward long tail keywords that target Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for local searches. When you’re doing Pay-Per-Click marketing, you want to target keywords that people are actually searching for, but you want those people to be in your area and looking for your service already. You have to do a bit of mind reading, but SEM experts know exactly how to find effective keywords, usually by finding long tail keywords that take into account location. It will be much easier and more affordable to compete on a local level than paying for far-off leads who are unlikely to consider turning to your business. A PPC campaign can also become very expensive very quickly unless you have an expert managing your bids and keywords on an ongoing basis and unless you have appropriate oversight in your own company, costs can quickly get out of control. You can keep your budget under control and save on payroll costs by outsourcing to a London PPC management firm like Digital Clicks Marketing.


YouTube advertising is another important element to any comprehensive campaign if you run video advertisements and it’s remarkably effective. Whereas on radio or television, you pay for a spot based on how many total people will be listening or watching, YouTube ads appear to watchers based on relevance to their search history. It’s an effective way to get your video advertisements in front of the eyes of people who are looking for the services or products you offer, plus, it’s an entirely measurable campaign as a marketing firm like Digital Clicks Marketing can track how viewers engage with your ad how engagement leads to actions (sales, lead information, etc.).

Finally, there’s website design, the cornerstone of any successful advertisement strategy, not just because it’s the face of your digital presence and often consumers’ first impression of your business, but also because all SEM efforts are tied into your site. By enlisting the help of online marketing services in London ON you can optimize your website for better SERP rankings and reach the people who are already out on the web looking for you. Google rewards websites that load quickly and that have dedicated landing pages containing valuable information, keywords, and calls to action. It’s where you convert visitors into leads or customers and it has to be easy to navigate, persuasive, and above all, present no obstacles to your lead conversion “funnel.” It’s time that you brought your online strategy into the future by outsourcing to a firm that will create an efficient and measurable campaign. Call in the experts today.

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