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angelineghs January 14, 2022

US time Monday, Eliot had the opportunity to talk about this matter in public situations, he said: “This is a wrong decision, just seeing it, I have been too strong, I haven’t thought too much before, I didn’t think too much before. But this is not to say what I need to hide. I have taken out there. I know that my behavior has not violated any regulations, but this is a wrong decision, I shouldn’t do this, now I understand. “

This signing behavior is obviously very interesting. First of all this is a low-cost signing, while adding the team’s bench depth, the old Nate Allen ran, surrounded by the team, and they The two also needed to compete with the original Safety Michael Thomas.

Wilson and the Hawie signed a 4-year $ 140 million contract, which made him become the highest salary player in the league. Contracts include US $ 10.7 billion security income and additional $ 6 million bonuses. The signature bonus of $ 65 million in the contract is the highest.

Hoyel was in the team 20-27 Loaded in the competition of the Indianapolis. Ryan Mallett, Ryan Mallett, after the game, 31 passed 24 times completed 312 yards 2 times At the last moment of the last moment of the game, he was unable to return to the sky.

“Is this an ideal situation in this alliance? No.” O’Brien talks and has been replacing the first quarter-saving time. “I understand this, but we have to pay attention to the game of the United States Tiger.”

Rams coach the players did not know that intentionalRams coach Jeff – Fisher (Jeff Fisher) specified in a game against the Redskins six players to participate in pre-match toss guess first, they were Gano Rees – Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins), Michael – Bullock Adams (Michael Brockers), Zach – Stasi (Zach Stacy), Steadman – Bailey (Stedman Bailey), Greg – Robinson (Greg Robinson) and Eric – Terry Auger (Alec Ogletree). They have in common is that they choose Rams rookie sign bits are available from Griffin III, 12-year deal. Interestingly, the protagonist of this great deal – Robert – Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) The game is scheduled as a substitute sidelined.

We will definitely see Male at this season, but it is not immediately behind him. Although Maete passes the ball, he lacks precision and feel, leading to O’Brien to say: “We have to do the most favorable team.”

Bill announced the signing of the EmpariIk Enemkpali returned to Buffalo, Mademoneyentertainment.Xyz this time, he will appear in the team’s training lineup. Before 3 days ago, Bill announced him, then the second line guard was aggravated and the team became a member of the training lineup.

“The people I revered in the sports community were in their position for 15 to 20 years, such as those such as Drek Jeter,” Wilson said. “I want to be kept in mind because we have achieved the achievements in the Hawks. So we just started.”

As a six-round show in the 2014 season, En Ampary is only 6 times in the rookie season, completing 3 times. Although there is no big list, it is also a good choice for the training lineup for En Empari. When a routine player has a injury, he will have the opportunity to hit the big list again.

“We discussed this idea of ​​trading. This idea is because we really want to stay here,” Wilson said on the official announcement of the press conference on Wednesday. He mentioned 10 times if he replied to the reporter asked questions. “This is what we really feel excited, which promotes us agreeing to sign.”

The name of En Eim Parria was familiar with the fans in his effectiveness in the New York jet, and the lack of Swano Smith was wounded. After being retired by the jet, Empari joined the same partial Bill. Front jet trainer Rex Ryan is willing to give a new opportunity to Empari, but his performance is not enough to help him stay in 53 people.

According to local media sources St. Louis, Fisher such a move perhaps because he and Mike – deep friendship Hong Carolina Han (Mike Shananhan), while the latter Redskins fired after the end of last season. This is most likely to succeed Fisher elixir as a friend. Of course, as an outsider, it is still quite interesting, after all, such as Fisher has always been known for serious, can be rare to see them spoof Tricky.

After the game, the Rams players said, he did not know in advance which is deliberately coach. The six people in Bailey, said: “We are not told in advance, so I was thinking & lsquo; probably these guys played well recently it & # 39 ;, several of us do not know.” Then he She said, “so now look at it, quite reasonable and I’m glad coach made the decision.”

Sea Eagle 4-point Wellson: Do not have trading clauses to promote the final contractOn April 18th, when the agent of Russell Wilson and the contract negotiation of the Seattle Hawks, the team agreed to the two parties to finalize the contract, the team agreed to join the contract in the contract. Do not trading clause.

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