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Eicher 188 Tractor – Economical & Cheapest Mini Tractor

sharmasona March 1, 2021

Eicher 188 is the most popular and widely used mini tractor of the Eicher brand. The tractor comes in the 18 hp category with 1-cylinders and 828 CC engine that is adequate for various paddy fields and small farms. The mini tractor has all the advanced and modern features as big tractors have. Eicher 188 tractor is the best performer, fuel-efficient, and hi-tech tractor, making it the most useful and profitable farm tractor. That is why Eicher 188 tractor is the economical and cheapest mini tractor. 

Why is Eicher 188 Preferred Choice of Small Farmers? 

Because it is loaded with modern and hi-tech features to efficiently perform all the garden, paddy, and small farms operations. The quality features of the tractor make it durable and versatile for agriculture usage. The tractor comes with a high fuel tank and lifting capacity to handle all the tough conditions and heavy farm equipment. Some other quality features of Eicher 188 are defined below:- 

  • The compact size and adjustable turning radius and seat provide high performance in the short turns and make it ride relaxed. 
  • The tractor model comes with a comfortable single clutch and powerful gearbox that provide smooth functioning and controlled speed. 
  • It has an efficient braking system that protects the tractor operator from major accidents and avoids slippage. 
  • Eicher 188 is the synonym of durability, reliability and versatility, making it suitable for rugged Indian farm fields. 
  • An Eicher mini tractor provides economic mileage, high fuel efficiency and high back-torque in the working field. 
  • A Mini tractor model is made as per small farmer’s need and demand. 
  • Eicher 188 tractor price is  Rs. 2.90-3.10 Lakh*, which is affordable and makes it a cost-effective tractor in India. 
  • Besides, it comes with great accessories such as tools, toplink, bumper, hook and drawbar. 

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