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Eicher 241 – A Budget Friendly Tractor

samadhiyaaman May 3, 2021

Eicher 241 tractor is the first choice of Indian farmers for farming purposes. It is an excellent tractor model which is generally used among the farmers for its great appearance and power. In India, every small farmer can easily bear the cost of Eicher 241. The Eicher 241 tractor is the great work vehicle model in the 25 Hp category. Eicher 241 is completely helpful and fully highlighted with excellent features. 

Why Did A Farmer Choose An Eicher 241 Tractor?

Farmers choose Eicher 241 tractor, because this tractor is filled with many features. Here are some below.

  1. Eicher 241 tractor has a Single Clutch for better working and Manual Steering with Disc Brake / Drum Oil Immersed Brakes (Optional), which makes for powerful performance and prevents slippage.
  1. Eicher tractor 241 shows up with a 35-litre fuel tank limit and 1000 hydraulic lifting limit. Its GVW weight is 1635 KG.
  1. Eicher tractor 241 shows up with 2 WD wheel drive and 6.00 x 16 front tire or rear tire of 12.4 x 28. 
  1. Eicher 241 is equipped with advanced water-cooled technology and an oil bath air filter which keeps the tractor cool internally and dust-free. . 
  1. Eicher Tractor 241 comes with 25 HP, which creates an engine limit of 1557 CC with 1650 ERPM.
  1. With 1 cylinder and 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Gear Boxes it has 27.66 kmph speed.

Price Of Eicher 241 Tractor

Eicher 241 tractor price is Rs. 3.42 Lakh* in India. Eicher tractor 241 cost is more reliable for all small farmers. The cost of Eicher tractor 241 is reasonable, with excellent highlights for small land farmers. 

The on-street cost of the Eicher 241 Tractor is completely reasonable and consumer-friendly. It is a 25 hp tractor and an entirely moderate farm tractor. This tractor cost is affordable for common use and fits in farmers’ budget. All farmers can purchase it easily with on-street cost of Eicher 241 in India.

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