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Embroidered and Printed Kurtis – Tips on How to Take Best Care

Sandeep October 17, 2016

India is socially rich country. There are numerous philosophies and traditions prospering in different parts of the country. One of the important parts of this culture is the art of embroidery and print which is utilized to adorn clothing and fabric. Every part of the country has one or the other pattern, utilized on assorted range of material to make them beautiful. Embroidered clothing is quite well known among fashion lovers. They admire the way a single thread is weaved with fine measures to turn in a beautiful design. If you are planning to purchase embroidered and printed outfit, it is important to take good care of them.
Printed Casual Kurt

Be lenient while washing: You must wash your printed and embroidered Kurtis with special care and leniently. The thread work, print and the series on the embroidery are quite intricate. They can get disfigured due to harsh washing.

Take the help of soft detergent: You must never wash your embroidered and printed Kurtis with hard detergent. They have powerful chemicals, which can destroy the shades and hues of the threads and can spoil the print as well. Apart from this, they can wear out the fibers in the thread staining it in some places. You can utilize gentle detergents dedicated for washing delicate. Otherwise, you can opt for dry cleaning.

Reserve them in Tissue paper: You must never keep your printed and embroidered Kurtis just as you do with other outfits. The embroidered and printed pieces are quite exquisite and fine. They can grow into speck and patches of stains or yellowish hue on the material due to moisture. Cover them nicely in tissue paper after washing them.

Iron in a reversed way: Ironing the embroidered and printed Kurtis can cause color dimming or destroying the threads and the print. You must press them in a reverse way to safeguard the designs of the thread work and print.

It is very simple to take care of the embroidered and printed Kurtis if you do it perfectly by following the correct instructions. There is another distressing thing which generally most people go through with their embroidered and printed garments are stains. If your Kurtis develop stains due to any food particle or anything else, try to detach or separate it with a club soda and a soft brush. Immerse the stain in soda and scrub and clean it leniently with brush. Frequently, the stains do come off otherwise you can take the further help from dry cleaning experts. Shop your embroidered and printed Kurtis online from a trusted site only.

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