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Energy management for commercial buildings

Electroind September 9, 2021

Energy waste in commercial buildings is a huge concern. It is estimated that the average building wastes as much as 30% of the energy it consumes, leaving a negative impact on its revenue health, affecting the overall environment and setting wrong examples for others to follow.

Building managers should take protective steps to identify sources of energy waste and accordingly address the issues before they escalate into significant challenges. So, what all can be done to enhance the management of commercial buildings so that they can work with full efficiency without promoting the culture of energy waste? Here we take a look!

Create a sense of awareness among tenants

As a responsible manager, make sure that the tenants are fully aware of conserving energy. Educate them on energy-saving measures, provide timely feedback, introduce new ways to make them informed about creating a green world.

Stop office equipment overutilization.

Energy conservation does not happen in an instant. Small informed steps collectively work towards making a green and energy-conscious future. Ask tenants to switch on power-saving mode on their office equipment, including copiers, fax, computer machine etc.

Identify areas of energy wastes.

To understand where the waste occurs, you need to identify the top energy-consuming sources. Usually, an average building’s most energy goes into lighting, powering up electronic equipment, healing, water usage, refrigeration, cooking, to name a few.

Once you are fully aware of the sources, you can analyze where the wastes are happening by monitoring the key developments and usage patterns. For example, optimizing and managing lighting systems can alone save a good amount of energy used annually.

More ways to save energy in commercial buildings

Reduce dependency on carbon-emitting fossil fuels and instead slowly but gradually adopt renewable energy sources as much as possible. The initial cost of setting up a solar system may be high, but over time it will fetch better savings and returns.
Encourage the culture of buying certified equipment, choose the right ventilation system, and regularly conduct audits to see progress.

Submetering systems can also encourage energy conservation. They can track real-time data per floor, analyze the volume and patterns of data as used by equipment and tenants, and provide informed visibility. Simply put, they can help identify and reduce energy waste.

Energy management for commercial buildings

When it comes to managing energy in commercial buildings, Electro Industries products are trusted globally. It is a power meter and energy management system provider specializing in cloud, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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