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Enjoy Top Quality Sound With Sony Home theatre system on Festivals

Shivika1 October 5, 2021

Over the last decade, the way we consume material has shifted drastically. Our priorities have also shifted dramatically. Today, we desire a theatre-like experience in the comfort of our own homes, and home theatre systems have made this a reality. Home theatre speakers are central to the setup and play an important role in the overall ensemble. All of the major companies provide a diverse selection of home theatre speakers and home theatre systems. This allows you to choose a model that comes with all the latest features, cutting-edge technology and still fits within your budget. You can find Sony home theatres prices at affordable rates and online home theatre at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Additionally, you can avail myriad deals and purchase your preferred model on easy EMIs. 

  1. Sony 5.1 Channel HT-RT40 Home Theatre System

Sony HT-RT40Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tallboy Soundbar Home Theatre System is a marvelous creation of the world-class brand, “Sony.” Sony is a company of class, quality standard, performance, innovations, and durability.

This home theatre system comes with two Tall-boy rear speakers and a soundbar channel system along with an extra subwoofer. It is a unique theatre system that is mainly designed for listening heights. The slim and smart design of the rear speakers and the soundbar makes it easier to place beautifully at any place. The sound quality of the theatre system is remarkable. This Sony home theatre price at Rs. 21,990 is one of the best bets; find it on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and win cashback up to Rs.5000.

  1. Sony 5.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Black (HT-RT3)

The Sony HT-RT3 comes with a soundbar, two rear speakers, and a subwoofer. Setting it up takes very little time with your TV with an HDMI cable, and when it comes to connecting all the components to the subwoofer frame, all you need to do is match the color codes of wires. It can also be set up with a Blu-Ray player too. So you don’t have to wait for an engineer from Sony to come and set it up for you at your home. This Sony home theatre is priced at Rs. 19,990 is one of the best in the market. Get it at the e-store and avail exciting offers!

  1. Sony Soundbar with Bluetooth Technology Black (HT-S350)

The Sony HT-S350 is a 2.1 soundbar system that has sub-par performance with stereo content due to an always-on surround sound mode. This results in a dark-sounding sound profile but helps to widen the soundstage a bit. The HT-S350 is a well-built soundbar and gets loud enough for most people. This Sony home theatre price of Rs. 22,491 is highly recommended for its overall performance. Find it on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and win cashback up to Rs.5000.

  1. Sony Soundbar System with Bluetooth Technology Black (HT-S700RF/CE12)

The Sony HT-S700RF is not your typical home cinema system. It consists of a soundbar instead of front speakers, with two tallboy-style rear speakers plus a subwoofer. Sony claims that this system, which has a hefty power output of 1000W RMS, has been designed specifically for the Indian market. It has both auxiliary and digital inputs, supports HDMI-ARC, and even has Bluetooth and a USB port for you to play your media through. This Sony home theatre price of Rs. 44,991 is the to-go for the classic home theatre. Get it at the e-store and avail exciting offers!

  1. Sony Home Audio System with Bluetooth Technology Black (GTK-PG10)

Portable, wireless, and rechargeable, the GTK-PG10 is ideal for outdoor use — it even has a dedicated outdoor party mode that spreads sound further and a splash-proof top panel to rest your drinks on. It’s great indoors too, with a compact footprint and clear sound. This Sony home theatre price of Rs. 19,990 is one of the most affordable home theatres on the market. Find it on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and win cashback up to Rs.5000.

The home theatre speakers’ price depends on various factors. At the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can get great deals on Sony home theatres priced at affordable rates and another online home theatre. You won’t have to be concerned about the prices because there are several easy payment alternatives. For example, you may break your bill into small segments and pay the dues every month. Using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, this EMI function is upgraded to a No Cost EMI and zero down payments. As a result, you will not be required to pay any interest on the EMI. 

Furthermore, you will not be forced to make any upfront payments with the zero down payment option. You may also expect interesting bargains and offers, such as cash-back incentives. As a result, if you buy through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, your savings will be unaffected.

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