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Enlist for Holistic Hypnosis Therapy to Free your Mind and Heal from Within

alinabeths January 27, 2021

Most alternative medicine therapies were founded on the belief that the root cause of all our physical and mental discomfort is the mind. Pathogens can take advantage of our compromised mental condition to use our bodies as their feeding grounds and to quickly expand their population. The ideal remedy for this is biomagnetic therapy, which purifies our blood byneutralizing viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. It also removes heavy metals, toxic substances, pesticides, etc., and balances glandular dysfunction.

What are the benefits of hypnosis therapy in San Antonio, Texas?

Hypnotherapy in San Antonio takes mental healing to another level by digging deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind. It slowly unknots and unravels our latent phobias and fears to remedy our psychological problems. Some people claim that they could subdue the physical pain they were living with for many years through this therapy.

People are often influenced by the programs they watch on television. There have been many that show hypnosis therapy as a means to discover our past lives. There’s a famous scene from the movie Jungle Book in which a python (Ka) hypnotizes his prey (Mowgli) to fall asleep and then try to swallow him!

Hypnotherapy isn’t all about looking at our past life and discovering things that affect our current existence in San Antonio. It’s a lot more than that, and some hypnotherapists know nothing about techniques to make us overcome dejavus linked to a past existence. However, suppose you feel you have been reborn. In that case, a specialized hypnotherapist can help you unearth incidents that happened many decades ago according to your brain, that are causing your grief or joy in this life. Speaking about these in a trance induced through hypnosis helps better process these surreal memories. Like the Buddhist concept of ‘karma,’ they pay for their good and bad deeds in this lifetime.

There are other mental and physical problems for which hypnosis therapy is the best cure, like anxiety, PTSD, depression, IBS, and many other forms of mental illness. It is most commonly associated with programming a mind to stop yearning for cigarettes or food. An expert at hypnosis therapy can tap your unconscious memory to understand the cause of a specific psychological problem.

Ensure you are in safe hands

The first step to selecting a certified professional for hypnotherapy in San Antonio is someone you can trust. Ask close friends for a referral to ensure the therapist is knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. Considering the general perception about hypnosis opening all the locks in your subconscious mind and allowing the therapist to pick and choose memories for you to relive or process, it should be someone very reliable. In a trance-like state, there is a possibility of revealing secrets that are never meant to be disclosed, which is a genuine reason to find a trustworthy therapist.

Once you are in a trance induced by hypnosis, a therapist can help your subconscious mind deal with physical and mental pain. It could be a toxic relationship that feels like mental torture, filling your day with nightmares about what could happen next! Therapy can help you deal with reality and change your mind about accepting this daily anguish. It can also help us deal with physical pain that could be psychosomatic or some other complication. If there is trauma involved with the incident, hypnosis therapy can make your subconscious understand that it’s an event from the past and disconnect any mental pain linked to the event.

Daniel Reyes’ Holistic Academy in San Antonio, Texas

There are numerous alternative medicine therapies in demand these days. One of them is biomagnetic, which helps us maintain the correct alkalinity and acidity in our body. The proper balance between these makes our body inhospitable for pathogens. The therapy strengthens our body, mind, and spirit without any medication. It uses magnetic fields that range from 1k gauss to 15k gauss for optimizing subatomic behavior to make us quickly heal from within. Daniel Reyes is the founder of the Holistic Academy in San Antonio, which offers BiomagneticCode Official Certification. Heis the creator and trainer of the BioMagnetic Code™, agroundbreaking technique that helps the mind/body heal naturally. The academy is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and currently offers a course designed to help you become a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner.It will soon introduce Hypnotherapist Certification.

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