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Everything to Know About Black Akoya Pearls

Davy Greene September 25, 2015

Black Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are a specific term used for saltwater pearls and the word ‘Akoya” is comes from the name of the oyster from which the beautiful pearl comes from. The Akoya pearls are mainly harvested in Japan and china where the mollusk Pinctada fucatamartensii is found. This is the scientific name of the Akoya oyster which produces the perfectly round and gorgeous pearls. They are distinctly known for their iridescent luster and internal glow which gives them the title of classic pearls.

Akoya pearls are generally white or cream in colour with the popular overtones of silver and pink. But the Black Akoya pearls are equally famous. The white pearls are treated to have darker shades and even the oyster is treated to produce black pearls.

Cultured Black Akoya Pearls

Most of the pearls available in the market now are cultured. It is almost impossible to find the natural saltwater pearls made by the natural process. The natural pearls are generally irregular in shape since the irritants or the parasites in the oysters are not round and the nacre deposition on them takes place in an irregular shape.

The naturally occurring pearls take many years to grow and getting a beautifully round, lustrous natural pearl will cost thousands of dollars.

The Akoya oyster is very small and thus the Akoya pearls are also small in size. Their size ranges from 2mm to 11mm. They are widely used for necklaces and bracelets since they are consistently round and nearly round. They are easily matched and this makes them popular around the world.

Hanadama Akoya Pearls

Hanadama is a Japanese word for flower. It is used by Japan experts to describe the finest and the best Akoya pearls as the Hanadama Akoya pearls. These pearls are perfectly round, highly lustrous and of the finest nacre quality. They are simply the crème-de-la-crème of the Akoya pearls. They are utterly flawless and they are rare, which makes them very expensive.

It should be noted that one cannot simply get Hanadama Akoya pearls for $100 because the retail price of these pearls go into thousands of dollars. They are as good and as fine as the natural made pearl.

How to Buy Akoya Pearls?

The Akoya pearls are finer and have higher lustrous than the freshwater pearls and they are certainly more expensive. Thus, it should be noted that nay seller giving away a pearl strand under 10$ is certainly not Akoya pearl. The minimum range of the Akoya pearls starts from around 100$ and go up to thousands of dollars.

The clasp for the real and expensive Akoya pearls is generally 18k gold. It is always preferable to go for real solid gold clasp rather than sterling silver or simply gold plated clasps which get tarnished or wear off with time. The gold filled clasps are the best ones and stay for many years. For a formal evening wear, the gold clasps are the best.

Use this guide to select your Akoya black pearls Perth and get the best buy.

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