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Everything You Need To Write On Your Job Description As A Technical Writer

Walterrichards October 12, 2020


Every industry in the current scenario thrives on continually evolving technologies. But the people working in that industry or the consumers of the products or services provided by various sectors don’t need to have the technical know-how to use those products or services. 

This gap between industries and their clients and users offer a challenge to provide the quality of experience that they are looking for. This is where a technical writer comes in.

Before understanding the things that need to be put in the job description as a technical writer, it is essential to understand who a professional writer is and what work he does. 

Who Is A Technical Writer?

A technical writer is essentially a person who converts a set of technically challenging processes and procedures into a concise and detailed set of instructions easily understood by the relevant target audience. 

This also means that an excellent technical writer can craft a piece of information that focuses on the level of information needed for a specific target group by using the language and vocabulary that they are familiar with.

But that’s not all that a technical writer does. He also works on the design and presentation of the technical documents to enable the reader/client/customer to understand the different types of information within a single set of instructions. 

This is usually done using visual mediums like the use of images, graphs and charts, and other visual mediums that enable the target group to grasp the information in an even better way.

Company’s Requirements

Based on this information, we can discuss the things that must be mentioned in a job description for the post of a technical writer. The company’s first piece of information is the complete list of duties and responsibilities that the company is looking to be fulfilled by the person in that position. 

Even if the position’s necessary work is the same, the list of activities unique to the organization must be mentioned in the job description.

Another important thing that should always be mentioned in the job description is the set of skills that the company expects the technical writer to possess. This will enable him with the know-how and the technical understanding of the product/service that the company offers to its customers. 

This set of skills can be knowledge of any specific coding language, any particular documentation software, or even some knowledge of an analytics program to understand or translate the result of data into easily understandable written material.

The companies should also note that putting together a job description is that along with telling the potential employee about what would be expected from him. The company should also give information about the company and its work cultures and values. 

Skill Set Required

Hence, a person applying for it has some basic knowledge about the kind of work done by the company and does not go into the next stage of the selection process with a better understanding of the company. 

It will also be a great thing if the job description mentions the department(s) that the employee will be working for or reporting to clarify the scope of work and give an idea about the hierarchy/accountability structure. 

Another thing that will make the job description more interesting for the potential applicant is the skill that they can learn and develop while working, which will further enhance him as a technical writer and help him excel in his field of work better. 

Standing Out

To attract the best of the talent available in the market, they need to offer something different and out-of-the-box, which will be beneficial for the shortlisted employee. I decided a job description can further mention the company’s growth opportunities apart from the usual benefits being offered in the market.

Now to wind it up, while a company is putting together the job description for a technical writer, they need to have a clear idea and communication of the expectations that entail that job position, an exhaustive list of the activities and responsibilities come with the position. 

The company should also mention the list of necessary and additional skills that they are looking for in a person who applies for the said job. 

But it is equally important to let the potential applicant understand what to expect in terms of the work, the organization’s work culture and ethics, and what the employee will gain from working with that particular organization.


If all the above points are taken into consideration and are duly mentioned in the job description, it will enable the company to find the kind of talent that will be most suitable for their needs. Talking about writing skills, you can use this ( link to find the best available word games. This will allow them to gain an employee most equipped to handle the work that the company requires.

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