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Experience with Smart Drugs: Modafinil

zoesmith September 23, 2021

As we’ve discussed in earlier blog posts In previous posts, the drug of choice Modafinil is a popular choice by people from all backgrounds including workers, students, travelers, and even job seekers. It’s not surprising that each has their own stories about Modafinil to share.

Recently we had a college pupil (let’s call Gary Gary) drop us an email about his Modafinil experiences. This was his first experience purchasing Modafinil online through my own, Buymoda. We certainly enjoy hearing about all the positive reviews regarding our goods. If you’re one of those who are brand new to our store be sure to look through our many Modafinil 200 items. We also carry Armodafinil 150 items.

Anyway. This post isn’t about us. This post is about Gary.

We requested Gary to see if he’d be interested to write about his experience with Modafinil in our blog. Then, Gary agreed to share his Modafinil-related advice shared with us.

The rest of the post will be entirely Gary. Give him some love and respect by sharing this article via your social media feeds. It will surely soothe Gary’s heart.


Modafinil Through the Eyes of Students

My experience with Modafinil was more than just a feeling of “being in the zone”. I felt as if I was on a different stage then.

When I first tried the Modafinil-based pill, it was meant to aid me in focusing on the overwhelming college assignments I was required to complete. It was like being completely at work. 3 hours would simply pass past me without my realizing it. The majority of the time when that happened I would discover that I’d just spent an hour doing unnecessary things. However, with Modafinil within my body, I discovered that I was spending every minute of my day totally focused on my studies at college.

The Secret to Spending Less Time on Social Media

As you’re probably aware it’s quite a hectic time when you’re an undergraduate student. We, students, have several social media accounts which are checked every 10 minutes, and we have comments we need to make when we are happy (or dislike) about something. However, when I’m taking these intelligent study aids it’s like I’m just looking for nothing other than work! I didn’t have any interest in doing any of the following: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or even my texts.

In fairness, it wasn’t about me not being interested in other matters. It was that Modafinil forced me to focus completely on my work and I didn’t have the chance to turn to anything else.

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Modafinil Takes Away That “Always Sleepy” Feeling

In the absence of Modafinil, my body is at my best by 2 or 3 p.m., regardless of what else I’m doing. If I don’t take taking a nap in the afternoon, I’ll not be functioning. There is nothing to be accomplished!

However, with Modafinil astonishingly I’m able to skip over my sleep breaks.

I’ve tried caffeine and other stimulants for energy to keep me alert but they’re generally a bit of a miss or a draw. Particularly with caffeine or other energy drink. Sometimes, I experience a huge energy boost and can’t fall asleep even for a moment. At other times, just two minutes after I’ve had my beverage, I’m sprawled out sitting on the couch.

If you enjoy stories, I’ve got another one, however, it is not about Modafinil.

It was the time I had to travel for the entire day. However, by the middle of my day, I found myself trying in keeping my eyes clear. That’s a hazardous circumstance to get into. I was drinking a lot of coffee, but it wasn’t worth it. I stopped a few times to get a few snatches. But I was determined to continue forward with my journey. So I stopped at a store along the road and bought some Mountain Dew.

And I’ll tell you something! I had never felt MORE AWAKE! It was awe-inspiring.

And you know what? After that incident, I was in the same sleeping state and I turned to the huge MD. This time, I wasn’t staying alert.

So yeah, I’ve experienced numerous experiences where stimulants would be effective one day and then be a failure the next.

Modafinil However, it has not let me down yet.

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My Little Story About the Effect of Modafinil

My heart rate at rest is low in the 60s. If I was on Modafinil I’d often observe the resting rate of my heart to be in the 70-80 range. It’s certainly more than what my heart rate would be without Modafinil dust circulating throughout my blood vessels. However, 70 is still an acceptable heart rate. And it’s certainly not as high as those insane ceiling figures you’ve were told about by gamer kids high on energy drinks.

I’m certain that if you’ve heard of Modafinil, you’ve probably heard about students telling tales of how the pills helped to boost their IQ levels by two times. Most likely, you’ve been privy to the most famous of stories shared by fellow students on the fact that Modafinil could be the most real medication of Limitless.

We shouldn’t be fooling ourselves. Modafinil truly is a miraculous drug. However, it has its limitations. The reality is that modafinil effects are less flims than the ones you’ll hear in the classroom. The pill that is a wonder can be very effective in stimulating wakefulness and preventing your body away from burnout. Furthermore it can make you more focused on the details and improves your memory capabilities.

I’ve heard that Modafinil is an excellent supplement to aid in the loss of weight. I haven’t gained or lost weight since I started taking Modafinil. This means that I cannot confirm the assertions. If you look at the issue from a rational perspective the answer is yes it might help in weight loss.

How? The main things I did not note is that when you take any number of Modafinil tablets you have a loss of appetite. This isn’t only my personal experience taking Modafinil. I’ve heard numerous reports from students who’ve said that they do not get hungry after taking Modafinil.

Stories Other Students May Not Have Told You About Modafinil

What’s That Smell?

Modafinil has a very peculiar smell to urine. It’s a distinct scent. It is similar to the smell one gets after eating asparagus. It’s not the same scent. It’s just a matter of fact. Modafinil gives a strange scent to your wee, as asparagus does. But, it’s a delicate smell. It’s not like the tear-jerkers are found in smoky public toilets.

Burn Outs? Not With Modafinil

What do you think? I’ve heard stories for days, both my own and those of other students, about Modafinil as well as other similar medications. It was another occasion when I decided to give Ritalin an attempt. Man! The huge mental crash that came with it was not a joke!

Have you ever had a caffeine crash? Think about that experience, then multiply it by 30! I do not have any brain-crash stories to discuss in relation to Modafinil. Actually, if I make a Modafinil pill at 7am in the morning, 12 hours later, I’m still racing throughout my day.

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Mistaken Identity

Modafinil is not an stimulant. I observe when I read other stories of students concerning Modafinil that they call it a stimulant. It’s not. Modafinil doesn’t provide the “edge” feeling that stimulants such as caffeine, Ritalin as well as Adderall offer. Modafinil is more of a subtle sensation that assists you in your tasks in a positive manner. But, it can cause me to forget to drink my water. But it doesn’t dry my mouth as Ritalin can.

It’s a reminder. I’m not able to share my Modafinil tales without giving some advice everywhere. Students have also said the same thing – if you’re planning to take Modafinil to stay fit, you must plan your meals and drink water intake.

My suggestion is to Eat and drink plenty of water before you start your first tablet in the morning. If you do notice that you aren’t eating in your Modafinil treatment there is some vitality to keep your body from sluggishly.

Drinking enough water while taking the pill might be a bit more difficult. I suggest you keep several bottles of water or your preferred drink close by. If you’ve created an agenda to follow and you have a notebook, you might want to write down reminders to drink!

If Modafinil is a Drug, Does That Mean It’s Illegal?

Modafinil is a drug that is used for medicinal purposes. It is advertised as a prescribed medication within the United States to treat shift work disorder, narcolepsy as well as other sleep disorders. It is approved to be consumed through the FDA. It is also the first time I’ve seen any instances where someone was arrested for possession of Modafinil tablets.

A different user also spoke about his experiences with Modafinil and mentioned that he had been through airports with Modafinil in him.

However, just to be safe You might want to check the laws of your country or city. Like most things laws, they differ between states and countries to countries.


This collection of Modafinil stories we present in this article are not intended to serve as health advice, in any way, form or manner. We receive many stories from our readers particularly from students who want to share their experiences with Modafinil.

Modafinil is an prescription medication and we strongly suggest that you speak with a doctor or medical professional prior to taking it.

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