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Experiencing Hong Kong For The First Time

AlexD February 20, 2017


Recorded in the Guinness book of record as the city with the largest permanent light and ground show, Hong Kong has the most spectacular skyline at night. My first visit to this vibrant, business hub was well thought off and a planned affair. With a number of iconic places to visit, I knew that my camera was a must-have as I needed to take pictures while experiencing this phenomenal adventure.

I also made sure my wallet had enough cash just in case I needed to buy a few items from the market. I could not stop thinking about the food as I knew it would bring a whole lot of a different experience all together. I must however admit that it was overwhelming when I first landed there but absolutely unforgettable.

Where I visited

The Victoria Peak was my first stop. Well, I was lucky enough to arrive just a few minutes into sunset. It provided the perfect view of the city lights as they came to life. The city was barely played out for me and the sight was simply out of this world.

My next visit was to the Kowloon waterfront situated on the avenue of stars. I would say that this is practically where the show went down. I got to watch the symphony of lights: the largest permanent light and sound show in the world. It happened at around eight in the evening and was accompanied by narrations in English. After enquiring around, I realized that well almost fifty buildings took part in this show and that English narrations were done only three days a week: Monday, Wednesdays and Friday. This was worth the visit as I went there on a Monday.

The Big Buddha, having heard so much about this draw card. It was time to visit the Lantau Island. It took me only about twenty five minutes using a shuttle to get to the Buddha Mountain from Tung Chung town. The stature sat thirty four meters high and I had to climb two hundred and sixty eight steps to get to this bronze stature. Although the weather was hot when I got there and the crowds were already building, it was a great experience.

What I ate

By this time, my hunger pangs were on me and I really needed to grab something to eat. This provided the perfect timing to sample the food in this great city. The cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world was my choice. This was at the Tim Ho Wan, I had a choice to sample prawn dumplings and pork and prawn dumplings, natively known as har gau and siu mai respectively. I settled for the pork and prawn dumplings and the barbecue pork buns that were baked. As expected, the food was finger licking.

What I did

It would have been immature to leave this city without visiting the market and probably shopping a little. And so, off to the ladies market I went. It is extremely busy during the night. There were so many street vendors offering all kinds of merchandise from watches, USB flash drives to under garments. They were not very pushy but it required a lot of effort to bargain for whatever you intended to buy.

I would never have left the Hong Kong city without doing my now extremely tired body something a bit more relaxing. So, I went and got Hong Kong massage and it was really relaxing. My visit was one of a breathtaking, adventurous trip that will remain etched in my mind for a considerable long period of time.

Whenever I will be faced with a choice for a holiday destination, Hong Kong will definitely be on top of my list.

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