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Expert Guide to Grow Hair Naturally

dsmith June 4, 2021

Most people switching from relaxers and perms to natural hair know little about growing it into strong, healthy hair,” says Erika, the Earthborn Organics CEO.

Although more people embrace natural hair, little information is available on how to make it healthier. Natural hair care does not have to be complicated; it can be straightforward if you first love your hair as it is and desire it to be healthy. You must also understand that there is no miraculous approach to make your hair grow healthier overnight. You can do nothing to make hair grow at a faster rate than the average ½ inch monthly. But if you maintain the curls and the hair ends using organic hair care products and have patience, your natural hair will be glamorous in no time. The kinky and curly hair will flourish in no time.

“You must know your hair type. Is your hair wavy, coily, or curly? If your hair is dry with tight curls, it is likely to break more. Determining your hair type will help you understand what type of applications to use. For healthy hair, start by keeping the hair sufficiently moisturized so it can easily bend under manipulation without breaking,” explained Erika, “Water alone will not moisturize and hydrate your hair adequately. But a combination of water-based products and emollient-based products keep the hair hydrated for several days, protecting the hair’s fragile ends. Create a regular regimen and routinely apply it in your hair care routine, and you can be assured of healthy hair.”

The ingredients contained in the hair care products can make or break your hair. An easy and ingenious way to help you select products that guarantee optimum hair health is by avoiding all products that end with “-cone” or “-fates”. Avoid products that contain synthetic coloring and fragrances, and parabens. Instead, embrace products rich in natural oils and butter such as coconut, almond, grapeseed and shea oil.

Erika advises ladies to use a wide-tooth comb for their natural hair. But before combing the hair, ensure the hair is damp and detangled using a water-based product. For the best results, comb the hair from the hair tips to the roots. Ends must be protected at all costs, so always use protective styles on your hair. Styles such as braids, twists, buns, cornrows, and halo braids are not recommended because they expose the ends of the hair. Section your hair before detangling, moisturizing and conditioning it. It is always easy to handle a smaller volume of hair.

“Shampooing is good as it eliminates excess oil in the hair and removes dust and dirt. Use it only twice or thrice a week. Doing it too often will destroy the natural oils and cause the hair to dry out. After using shampoo, use a curl-friendly, water-based best deep conditioner 2-3 times a week to replenish all hair nutrients stripped while washing the hair. For stronger hair, a protein conditioner application every 2-3 weeks will go a long way. Above everything else, just love your hair.” Earthborn Organics is a company that uses natural ingredients from oils, plants, nuts, and fruits to create safe, natural products. Visit the company here to explore its range of natural hair care products.

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