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Rohan singh August 19, 2021

There are various types of educational practices. Private, public, convent, single-sex, co-ed, and other educational styles are available. Among all of these, one style of education stands out above the rest: boarding school. In numerous sectors, boarding schools dominate the learning and educational scene. When compared to pupils at a typical day school, children in a residential school are more efficient in a number of tasks.

Boarding schools have been used since ancient times when education was not a commonplace part of life. Only the wealthiest members of society could afford the boarding school education that was available to their children. There were fewer schools back then, and students had to leave their homes to learn and obtain knowledge.

What are the facilities necessary in a boarding school

  1. Hygiene

When opting for a boarding school, hygiene upkeep should be at the top of your priority list. Hundreds of diseases are known to humanity, and the only way to combat them is with good sanitation facilities and education. Children spend hours studying, playing, and doing other necessary things on campus. As a result, if they do not follow strict cleanliness measures, their focus will be broken.

  • Quality of Education

It goes without saying that all of the research done for a boarding school is largely for educational purposes. Take a look around the school and see what they have to offer in terms of classrooms and study materials. Schedule short meetings with the teachers and principal to gain a better understanding of their teaching approaches and how they will affect your child’s growth.

  • Dorm Rooms

Parents must pay close attention to the amenities given in the boarding schools’ dorm rooms. Check to see if the provided amenities are appropriate for your child’s daily routine. Like your house, the rooms must be comfortable and clean. You should be assured that your child will concentrate and grow without becoming homesick as a result of the stress.

  • Extracurricular Activities

Education necessitates a child’s exploration of his or her creative side. Extracurricular activities, in which pupils are introduced to their other areas of talent, are as important in a good residential school. Dancing, singing, painting, sports, playing instruments, and other activities are some examples.

  • Security Provisions

Every facet of a child’s safety should be taken into account. Examine the many child safety precautions that have been implemented. You can ask the authorities about the security equipment they utilize, the presence of guards at the gates, and other topics. You may send your child to a residential school once you are satisfied with the security.

With a 52-acre campus set in the scenic hamlet of SelaQui in Uttarakhand, SelaQui International School is the best international boarding school in Dehradun. The CBSE-accredited school provides an ideal setting for hands-on learning and a well-rounded education. A commitment to principles, excellence, and leadership is shown in the school’s vision statement. It is one of the best residential schools in Dehradun since it is at the forefront of all comprehensive techniques.

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