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Famous Graphite Products

alicebarianna February 27, 2021

In today’s era there are so many naturally occurring minerals which are used in different industries for the manufacturing of different products, Graphite is also one of the vital minerals which is composed of stacked sheets of carbon atoms. Under normal conditions this is the one of the minerals which is found in stable form of carbon. Electrical and thermal is one of the main features of Graphite. Graphite can be easily break into thin flexible flaxes so it can be easily slide over one another. This is available in natural form as well this is also produced synthetically by heating high content of carbon. This is also used in lubricants, batteries and many other domestic and industrial products.

Graphite as Pencil Lead:

  Clay, Graphite and water this is the mixture which is used for pencil making this is the procedure which is used since 1795. More clay to graphite determines more hardness of a pencil. The shell of the pencil can be made of plastic or recycled paper to support eco-friendly environment, mostly the trend is that the shell of pencil is made of wood. It can produce black and grey color which can be easily erased.

Graphite Round:

  Graphite round is the main source which can be used to make Graphite rod, crucible, tube and other graphite products. Some graphite factories provide large square graphite block to customers and some customers demand graphite round; it can be customized according to customer demand.

Graphite Rod:

Graphite rod can be used in various manufacturing process it can be also used in electronics, chemical industry, light industry and machinery. It is mostly used in high temperature vacuum furnace as heating body. It can be custom in all different types of graphite mould, heater, Die and Graphite plate according to consumer demand. It is mostly available in two major types which is JC3 and JC4.

Graphite Flake:

Graphite flake is one of the most familiar graphite materials, this is the natural occurring graphite mineral which consist of carbon. It can be used in various forms, in lithium-ion batteries this is the core component, theses batteries are also used in hybrid cars to support eco-friendly environment. The main feature of graphite flake is that it has high resistance to high temperature and chemicals.

Graphite Nuts & Bolts:

Graphite nuts and bolts are available in different size, shape, length and diameter. The main feature of these nuts and bolts is that it can be used at high density, they have high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity. These can be customized according the requirements of the customers. These high-quality graphite products are very famous, to be used in high temperature furnaces and other similar places

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