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Farm Tools – Meaning, Importance, Types and Usage

sonagoyal January 30, 2021

Farming is performed using various agricultural machinery according to the requirement of the task. It is a simple agriculture process, but even the simplest things mess up without proper information and tools.

The top tractor brands play a major role in assisting farmers with routine tasks. However, a tractor cannot perform each and every field task. Therefore, the farmers need various farm tools to push their performance and get the best yield.

What are farm tools?

Farm tools are the agricultural instruments that help the farmers in performing certain farm activities. Broadly, these tools aid in removing weeds, preparing the land before cultivation, spraying chemicals, drilling holes, protecting the pieces of agricultural machinery etc.

Benefits of using farm tools

  1. Farm tools replace hard work with smart work.
  2. These tools reduce the farmers’ fatigue as these are labour-saving gadgets.
  3. These perform the task efficiently and leave the farmlands more productive than before.
  4. Farm tools eliminate the need for manual work.
  5. These promote the overall health of the soil.
  6. These effectively influence the crops to draw the desired results.
  7. Moreover, these are available at reasonable prices. Hence, these are easily accessible by small and marginal farmers.

Types of farm tools with usage

There are a variety of farm tools available to the Indian farmers. Keep reading to get detailed information about them, understand their components and functions:

  • Brush Cutter

This farm tool trims unwanted plantations like thick bushes, short trees, weeds, and other unnecessary vegetation. A brush cutter is highly efficient in cleaning the farmlands with proper finishing. It consists of a power unit, a power transmission pole, and a cutting head. This tool moulds itself with different blades and trimmers according to the demand of the task. With the advancement in technology, now these tools come with 360-degree inclining engines and noise-cancelling acceleration.

  • Power Weeder

As the name suggests, this is a powerful tool used in eliminating weeds. In addition, it breaks up the soil efficiently after the crops start growing. These are also used in weeding various crops like tomato, cotton, sugarcane, etc. A power weeder eliminates the need for poisonous pesticides and saves the farmers’ time that old weed removal approaches consumed.

  • Power Tiller

It will not be much to say that this is a small two-wheeled tractor. It helps in performing the essential farm functions like land preparation, sowing seeds, tillage, etc. A power tiller is an all-in-one machine that performs efficiently in wet and paddy farmlands. It is best-suited and preferred in the uphill regions where the fields vary with heights.

  • Sprayer

A sprayer assists the farmers in effectively spraying the crops with pesticides, fertilisers, and other useful chemicals. It eliminates the tiring process involved traditionally and maximises the crops’ quality. These are available in various models and can even be mounted on the rear end of the tractor. A farmer may choose from a low-pressure sprayer, high-pressure sprayer, high clearance sprayer, hand-operated sprayer, etc.

  • Power Reaper

A power reaper is a lightweight tool that helps in harvesting ripe crops. This tool divides the produce and then cuts the stems, breaking the ripened crop from the roots. It is a robust farm tool suitable for challenging terrains and irregular grounds. In addition, these effectively reduce pre-harvest and post-harvest losses involved in the process.

  • Earth Auger

This is a strong farm tool used for drilling holes in the earth or some wooden surface. It consists of rotary blades that dig the material out of the surface and make holes in it. These machines come with modifying diameters in accordance with the job requirement. An earth auger equips a comfortable handle and anti-vibration technology that maximises the farmers’ convenience.

  • Mowers & Trimmers

A mower helps in grooming the land efficiently without removing the grass’ roots. These come in two categories – push mower and electric mower. These are generally preferred when the lawn needs maintenance in the upper layers of the soil. Likewise, trimmers perform the same function as the mower does. Trimmers come for two purposes – string trimmers, that trim the grass and hedge trimmers, that shape the hedges.

  • Tarpaulin

Commonly known as a Tripal, this is a water-resistant sheet that protects the tractors from any natural damage like strong winds, rain, harmful sunlight, etc. The tarpaulin design offers adaptability due to the usage of flexible material like polyester, plastic, canvas, etc. A farmer might even use these for agriculture implements if required.

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