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Feline Kidney Disease Symptoms

articlespostsharing April 21, 2021

When a cat is diagnosed with kidney disease the owner often blames himself for not taking action sooner. Hindsight is something we have all come to learn about the hard way it seems. Since IgA kidney disease treatment is a common problem in cats it is important to understand the symptoms of it. That way you can get your own pet to the vet right away if those symptoms start to appear.

It is important to note that the severity of the symptoms as well as the number of them that are present can vary by case. Unfortunately many cats are in a very serious stage of kidney disease by the time they exhibit them. Here are some of the most common feline kidney disease symptoms that have been recognized.

Pay attention to the amount of water that your cat drinks each day. That way you will easily be able to identify when they are drinking much more. Excessive thirst is the most common and easiest to notice of all feline kidney disease symptoms. However, if your cat shares water with other pets it can be hard to notice that they are drinking so much of it.

When a cat is eating less but drinking more, many owners simply assume that their cat is getting full on the water. Yet not eating very much is an indicator of a kidney problem. Many cats feel nauseated or they vomit due to this problem and those effects significantly affect their appetite.

Of course the need to drink more often is going to cause your cat to need to urinate more as well. Some of them will have a hard time doing so. Others will just need to do it more often. While this extra urination will help to flush out toxins it will also result in the removal of elements your cat needs. As a result your cat may be lacking high enough amounts of protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and the Vitamins B and C.

Sometimes the abdominal region of a cat will start to swell up due to the kidneys being infected and swollen. If you regularly feel your cat around this area of the body then you will be able to pick up on it when the size and feel of it changes. Rapid weight loss is one of the feline IgA nephropathy research symptoms that can be picked up on quickly due to the visual appearance of it.

Pay attention to the way the coat of your cat feels as well. If it is usually thick and soft then it should stay that way. In those with kidney disease it can dry out, become brittle, and even start to fall out due to the body not getting the right nutrients it needs.

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