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Few Essential Tips To Choose A Perfect Wedding Cake!

johnmiller3413 March 4, 2021

Once you have found the reception venue, the dress, and the theme – the question of the cake comes into play. Choosing your wedding cake is one of the most difficult choices of marriage. It is often seen as the centerpiece of the wedding meal. And why not? After all, when the cake enters the marriage hall, all eyes leave the bride and broom for a moment. So it’s crucial to pick the right gateau for your D day. 

Whether you want wedding cake delivery in Los Angeles or any other US city, these tips will help:

Determine The Size According To The Number Of Guests

Indeed, this is the first point because the number of guests will inevitably affect your cake’s size. Also, it will help to avoid waste and an additional cost to your budget. One important thing to keep in mind here: After having a nice wedding meal, a few bites of the cake are enough to satiate your guests. They just wish to taste it and have fun.  So, think accordingly and then choose the size. 

Note: If you think that the guests are few, but still you wish to have a bigger cake in size, then ask the baker to add 1 or 2 layers of fake-cake.This way, your cake will have a more voluminous impression, and you will avoid wastage. Later on, you can keep those layers as a decoration piece in your home. 

Select The One That Looks Like You

No, we are not talking about a wedding cake with a picture of you printed in sugar paste. We are saying to give your personal touch to the cake. Like go for flavors that you loved as a kid or make the cake decor – sophisticated, sober, chic, or traditional – as you like. Remember that you should not choose a particular type of cake just because it’s in trend. Rather, select a cake that you truly like and which will please your guests. 

Think of The Decoration 

Whether edible or just decorative, cake accessories give a final touch to your wedding cake’s overall look. The decoration you choose will embellish and personalize it and match it with the wedding theme. However, It is not necessary to overload the wedding cake with decoration. A few elements or even one will suffice. Remember that the decorative arrangement also has an impact on the overall look of the cake. So, think of what type of decoration you will like to have on the cake and at which parts. 

Tip: If you are looking for custom cakes in Los Angeles, try The Delicious Edibles Bakery store. 

Most Importantly – Choose The Right Wedding Cake Provider

This point is the most important. You can just pick any random wedding cake provider randomly. You need to have confidence in the provider you pick. It is better to choose a reputed wedding cake designer. It will certainly be more expensive, but you will have the certainty of an impeccable result. After all, it’s your big day; everything should be top-notch. 

Some tips for choosing the right wedding cake provider :

  • Look at their catalog, photos on the website and Instagram account if possible.
  • Get advice – a good provider will not hesitate to tell you if the cake of your dreams is feasible or something else could work
  • Meet with the chef to see if your wishes are in line with his skills and services.
  • Find out about the delivery method. If you have to pick up your wedding cake yourself on D-day, it may be complicated. 
  • Compare prices with several other cake providers.

So that’s it for the cake. And we guess you are already done with other things, so now all that is left is to ENJOY!!!!

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