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Fieldking Farm Equipment – quality features and pricing

Purohitbhavesh January 29, 2021

Fieldking was founded in 1978 under the name “Beri Udyog Pvt. Ltd.” The Fieldking Farm Equipment takes pride in its premium agricultural machinery in more ways than one. With 38 years of experience, the brand manufactures highly efficient and durable products till today. Due to the production of best-in-class agricultural machinery, the brand has earned an ISO certification effortlessly. Fieldking manufactures a variety of innovative farm equipment. For instance, rotary tillers, disc ridges, land levellers, post hole diggers, box blades, etc. The high-quality raw material combined with smart engineering skills delivers premium agricultural machinery all over the world.

What is the USP of Fieldking Farm Equipment?

  • Fieldking understands that the customer is the king. Thus, it focuses on a customer-centric approach to growth.
  • The Fieldking manufacturing units equip superior infrastructure to maintain quality.
  • In addition, the brand has been honoured by the Government as ‘Star Performer’ for achieving excellence in exports.
  • Fieldking believes in constant innovation of its agricultural machinery, to keep up with the current era.
  • That is how Fieldking Farm Equipment best-suits heavy-duty challenging farm activities.
  • The brand enjoys a worldwide presence as it maintains strict manufacturing standards.
  • The agricultural machinery is easy to use, and highly affordable as well.

Most Popular Fieldking Farm Equipment

Although Fieldking offers a wide range of efficient agricultural machinery, but here we have covered a few of them for your convenience:

1. Fieldking Reversible Manual Plough

  • This reversible manual plough is used for tillage work.
  • The implemented horsepower ranges from 45 Hp to 60 Hp.
  • It comes with two furrows, and an eight MM mouldboard.
  • This farm tool efficiently turns the soil layers to leave it with a nutritious upper layer.
  • It can be effectively used on all kinds of soils – even the hard ones.
  • Fieldking Reversible Manual Plough is available at budget-friendly prices.

2. Fieldking 3 Way Tipping Trailer

  • This high-quality tipping trailer is used for haulage work.
  • It requires horsepower ranging from 30 Hp to 90 Hp, according to the model.
  • This trailer is easily attached and detached from the tractor.
  • It is produced with durable material and comes with advanced features that increase the farmers’ convenience.
  • It comes with a side tipping mechanism that helps in effortless unloading of goods.
  • The Fieldking 3 way tipping trailer comes with reasonable prices.

3. Fieldking Eco Planer Laser Guided Land Leveler

  • This is a laser-equipped land leveller used for landscaping purposes.
  • This Fieldking Farm Equipment requires 55 Hp to 105 Hp according to the models.
  • Laser-guided soil analysis virtually eliminates unwanted cultivation.
  • It equally distributes water, seeds, fertilisers to maximise overall quality.
  • This land leveller ensures smooth levelling of the soil before cultivation.
  • Fieldking Eco Planer Laser Guided Land Leveler is reasonable at Rs. 2,99,999.

4. Fieldking Square

  • Fieldking Square is a baler used for post-harvest farm activities.
  • It comes with an adjustable drawbar for easy hitching.
  • Also, the blade lengths are adjustable, ranging from 0.3 m to 1.3 m.
  • The required implement power ranges from 35 Hp to 50 Hp.
  • It efficiently compresses unwanted field residue and converts it into straws.
  • This Fieldking Farm Equipment is available at highly affordable prices.

5. Fieldking Heavy-duty Rigid Cultivator

  • This B-type cultivator efficiently performs heavy-duty tillage work.
  • It is one of the most effective cultivators available to Indian farmers.
  • The required horsepower depends on the model and ranges from 40 Hp to 75 Hp.
  • This Fieldking Farm Equipment comes with a three-point linkage system.
  • The frame fits a heavy-duty tubular section that helps in performing challenging farm activities.
  • Fieldking Heavy-duty Rigid Cultivator comes at a cost-efficient price of Rs. 12,999. It is easily affordable by even the small and marginal farmers.

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