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Find the best auto detailing service near you and protect your Tesla

dtautospa March 26, 2021

Having a luxury car such as Tesla standing in your garage gives a sense of contentment. From day one, your automobile will come in contact with all the elements- gravel, rocks, or extreme weather. It’s essential to protect and take care of Tesla.

As you know, prevention is better than cure. The best kind of care for your luxury vehicle is preventive care. Simply because you don’t have to repair the damage that will never occur provided you already took the necessary measure. It also shows how much care and concern you offer to your vehicle, which you have invested a lot in. Without proper protection, over time, sunlight, weather, and pollution will damage and degenerate the finish. It will directly affect the lifespan of the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

The need of auto detailing

Auto detailing is the systematic procedure for cleaning and restoring the vehicle to look like in a new condition. They are precise and labor-intensive than a car wash. It makes it even more important to get the services for a luxury car Tesla.

Tesla Auto Detailing Service usually includes:

  • The car is hand washed to remove any dirt or grime from the top surface.
  • Claybar treatment is done to remove damaging contaminants from your clear coat that results in super clean paint.
  • The professionals use soft detailing brushes to remove dirt from all exterior services.
  • A quick polish is done to remove swirl marks and any paint imperfections.
  • They also provide interior cleaning services.
  • All the external part is chrome polished, wheel and tires are cleaned and secured. They also provide tire sealant to help prevent browning.
  • The pressure blow is done all the crevices to curb water run-off.

Points to consider while getting auto detailing:

  • Remember, don’t put wax on your Tesla as it deserves a better product to get protection. Like ceramic coating!
  • Consult for the best ceramic coating for Tesla where you are getting auto detailing services done.
  • While having interior cleaning services, make sure every inch should be detailed. The professionals should adequately clean the steering wheel, dashboard, console, foot & brake pedals. They should provide two stages deep vacuum and light carpet shampoo.
  • The premier leather seats should be cleaned with recommended pH-balanced leather cleaner, followed by leather conditioning.
  • While cleaning windows and mirrors, they should use steam to kill germs and bacteria for deep cleansing.
  • Don’t forget about the trunk area. It also needs to be cleaned, vacuumed and shampooed.
  • You can also get Paint Protection Film to defend your Tesla from all sorts of road debris thrown at it each time you’re on the road. It will act as an additional layer of protection to your Tesla. They are clear, stain-resistant, and have a self-healing quality that eliminates the swirl marks.

You can consult a professional who can customize your auto detailing. Many have made services specifically for car detailing of Tesla.

Why should you go for Ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is more durable than the polymers found in traditional sealants and waxes, giving your Tesla the best possible protection. This is because it forms a strong bond with the clear coat finish, creating a protecting layer that acts as a warrior and absorbs the damage to protect the paint underneath.

It provides thickness that gives a shine that’s difficult to achieve with other products. Along with this, it offers years of protection, not months, if you get your car waxed.

Moreover, the shine is continuous, and protection doesn’t wash away easily like in waxing. It doesn’t allow dust to affect the beautiful Tesla paint. Additionally, they also make it cleaning very easy. They also provide the best UV protection from the sun and hence no fading of the paint.

You can try an entry-level package for permanent protection. There is a Ceramic Pro package that is offered by Doubletake Auto Spa. Most importantly, having tesla ceramic coating can give you the option of protection of 2 years, five years, ten years, or even lifetime protection. You will continue to enjoy a beautiful shine, free of damage for years!

Advantages after getting Auto Tuning You can drive fearlessly knowing your Tesla is secured from the services! You will not have to worry about the route having rocks, gravel, or stones coming your way. You can be tension-free from paint fading, scuffs, scratches, and swirl marks.

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