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Finding Divorce Lawyer Costs

articlespostsharing March 24, 2021

Why do Best Divorce Lawyer Brooklyn cost so much? What’s the difference between a $100/hour lawyer and one who charges $400/hour? These are bigger questions than you might think. The cheaper lawyer can’t be much worse, or the higher priced lawyer must have a wealth of financial experience… not always. Let’s look first at how divorce fees are decided, then how much you can expect to pay, and finally how to save on fees.

How Fees Are Made
The average divorce lawyer is paid about $275/hour, a number averaged from the many who charge less and those who charge more. $500/hour is not uncommon, but you have to look at this in terms of hours. If you have no major disputes with your spouse – over things like money – the fees may be as little as $2,000 to $3,000, if not less. If you have a contested divorce, that requires more hours, and therefore costs more. So that is the first guideline: how complex is your divorce? How much disagreement is there?

How experienced is your lawyer?
You may not have to hire the $500/hour divorce lawyer for a simple divorce. If you, on the other hand, have hundreds of thousands in property and income on the line, paying $10,000 to $20,000 and winning is smart. The more experienced a lawyer, the more he or she may be able to charge. But you can often get a fair lawyer for around our above average of $275/hour who can handle a divorce.

Also, how experienced is your spouse’s lawyer? What is your spouse’s opinion? Is he or she willing to negotiate, or is it a brick wall? Your spouse’s lawyer may influence the case, making your lawyer spend more hours in paperwork and argument, increasing costs.

Though there are many more, perhaps the biggest point is how much each side wants to avoid a long, drawn out, costly court battle. If each side can at least agree on saving time in the court room, by doing some negotiating, by listening to Divorce Lawyer Queens then the costs of the divorce can be much lower.

How much will you pay?
We just went over how hours are made. So the next question is, what fee is fair for you? $275/hour is the ball park average, but this is just an estimate, and it varies from case to case and lawyer to lawyer. You may find an incredible lawyer who is fast in getting things done, but charges twice the hourly amount. You may get someone cheap who works slow. You may find someone charging $275/hour worth ten times that. The important thing is to leave your options open and to have some goals.

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