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Finding The Right Tyre Size For Your Vehicle

skyautoblogger December 22, 2021

Car owners struggle to find the best tyres for their vehicles that can support their driving style and road conditions. Fortunately, we break down the different tyres and markings you need to check to get the best units for your wheels and Tyre Fitting Newbury.


Summer Tyres: Summer tyres are designed for enhanced performance and safety in dry and wet road conditions. Moreover, these tyres are perfect to drive in temperatures above 7 degrees celsius. Also, the design of these tyres allows excellent resistance to aquaplaning and get control through the summer season.

Winter Tyres: These tyres are made for car owners who want additional safety, performance and comfort in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius. The winter tyres are made with a flexible material that will not get rigid or damaged when driving in cold conditions.

All-season Tyres: As the name suggests, all-season tyres are perfect for driving in all kinds of moderate weather conditions. Installing these tyres will save you the trouble of changing tyres every season for reliable performance and safety.

Performance Tyres: If you own a sports car or a high-end luxury vehicle, then installing performance tyres on them is a must. These tyres offer race track performance in cities and ensure your vehicle reaches its full potential without compromising your safety.

4×4 Tyres: These tyres are made for SUV, CUV and light trucks looking to get the best driving experience in cities or off-roading. The 4×4 tyres are available in H/T ( highway), M/T (Mudd) and A/T( All-terrain) variants for car owners to choose from.

RFT Tyres: Run-flat tyres are ideal for daily drivers who want extra safety from punctures. These tyres can perform well for 50 miles at 50 mph, even with a puncture.

Tyre Markings

Markings on the sidewall display different characteristics of a tyre. Even if a car owner is going to consult a tyre expert, knowing the markings on the sidewalls can help understand the tyre better. For example, a tyre that has this marking means: 205 70 R 16

  • 205: The first three numbers reveal the width that is measured from one sidewall to another.
  • 70: These digits display the aspect ratio of the tyre. The ratio gets calculated on the basis of height and width.
  • R: This letter means radial construction. Other construction markings you can find on the sidewall are B for bias or D for diagonal.
  • 16: This two-digit number indicates the diameter of the tyre.

Other Markings Are

  • Load Index: The load index displays the maximum weight the tyre can carry.
  • Speed Index: This index shows the maximum speed the tyre can achieve.
  • M+S: This marking signifies that the tyre is appropriate for driving on Muddy and Snowy surfaces.
  • DOT Code: This code informs when and where a tyre got manufactured.

Tyre Labelling

Rolling resistance: This criterion suggests the capacity of a car tyre to roll over a road. A tyre that comes with low rolling resistance will offer fuel-efficient drive and vice versa. Also, the Rolling resistance gets divided into different types ranging from the letter A to E. Here, A is the most efficient in rolling resistance, and a tyre with the letter E is the least efficient.

Wet Grip: This tag indicates the power of a tyre to successfully break over a wet surface. The wet grip is also categorised into different categories ranging from letters A to E. here, A refers to the shortest braking distance, and a tyre with the letter E refers to the longest braking distance.

Noise: The noise tag refers to the level of noise created by a tyre when driving. The noise generated by a tyre gets measured in decibels (dB) and can range anywhere from letters A to G. Here, A refers to a low level of noise made, and a tyre with the letter G indicates the highest levels of noise.

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