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Five Reasons to Choose Home and Gardens over Empty Skyscrapers

johnlupez347 May 18, 2017

People say that Amaia Skies Shaw is one of the most environmental friendly condominiums today because of how they incorporated gardens on their grounds and vine plants on their walls. This evolution in the real estate industry is already getting more popular. Amaia Skies Shaw is just one of many towering real estate properties that are now adding garden and other environmental architectural designs as some of the amenities of their condominiums. Everybody is wondering why since condominiums have always been just empty skyscrapers that serve as people’s home.

Normal condominiums offer home owners only swimming pools for an open space. These new revolutionized condominiums like Amaia Skies Shaw offer countless gardens with grasses and flowers located near swimming pools. What is it then with these new condo designs that people should choose them over the traditional ones? Well, here are five valid and sensible reasons why home owners should start investing in environmental friendly real estate properties:

  1. They support the campaign against Climate Change. This worldly phenomenon is real and is now happening around the world. People are extending their smallest to their biggest efforts in supporting the campaign against it. Now that real estate properties are also extending their help, it is the least that you could do to lend a hand as well. It is a noble act taken by the industry and the whole community should welcome it with open arms. By owning a unit, you extend your support to the campaign against Climate Change.

  2. These gardens expose you to more plants and trees. These are better for your health. It is not new news for you. Everybody knows that plants and trees can help people’s health. If you have these things near your condominium that would be better than having cars and parking lots around. Good things to have around to give you fresh air in the morning in the middle of the polluted city.

  3. Having more gardens around means having more open spaces that you will be exposed to. That is better for your emotional health. Every person in a city needs to unwind and relax in an open space. It will give you the peace of mind. It is a perfect place for meditation and destressing. If you have gardens around, you will have your own open space.

  4. You do not need to drive to a park! You have your own park at your home! This will actually save you a lot of money for gasoline since you do not have to drive around just to unwind yourself. You are very close to your own park! In fact, it is just downstairs. Other than that, you do not have to travel far to walk your dog or to have your daily morning walks, joggings, and exercises. You can do it there anytime you want without a hassle. How convenient is that?

  5. Lastly and most importantly, picnics are possible! Everyone loves having a picnic on a Sunday afternoon with their family or alone. If you live in a condo with a garden, you can just go down bringing your picnic basket and mat. To add to that, you can directly dip into the swimming pool once you are all done with your food! What a very comfortable life!

Choosing your home would always mean choosing which one is most comfortable for you. Money, family, accessibility, price, location and mobility are the common factors that people consider. Somehow, we always do not count one potential factor that is crucial to us that is our well-being. Well-being includes a person’s emotional, social, physical, and mental health. People always forget that when they decide a home location. It is sad because the well-being of an individual and his family should always come first.

Living in a place where a garden or open space is readily available will ensure the welfare of a person. It gives the person all the benefits stated above and more. With that, home buyers should choose a place where gardens and open spaces are available to him and his family. So, if ever you decide to get a condominium in the future, choose not an empty skyscraper. Pick that with the capability to ensure your well-being.

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