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Five Reasons to Get Exterior Insulation

alinabeths March 24, 2021

Exterior insulation in Toronto has witnessed growing popularity among architects and homeowners primarily due to its superior energy efficiency and endless design options. It has also become widely famous for renovation works as high energy costs around the world have prompted homeowners to upgrade their old homes to offer better energy efficiency.

Exterior insulation acts like a blanket wrapped over a building structure by insulating it from the outside, thus providing advanced thermal insulation and reduced energy costs. Compared to traditional insulating systems, exterior insulation allows complete insulation of the building.

In addition to these obvious energy-saving benefits, Exterior insulation is an excellent choice for people looking for durability. There are other advantages of Exterior insulation as well, which makes it a popular choice among homeowners as well as architects. Below are the top six among them:

  1. Improved thermal performance of the building

Exterior insulation improves the walls’ thermal inertia and limits heat loss. It improves indoor thermal comfort, reduces heating costs, and limits CO₂ pollution in the building’s internal atmosphere.

  • More comfortable living space

Heat loss through the outside walls of the home causes dampness, which can lead to the deterioration of paint and plaster, wallpaper coming unstuck, and worse, the development of mold. When mold starts growing inside the home, it can also contribute to respiratory problems and harmful for people with asthma.

Having a properly insulated home minimizes the effects of condensation and can help avoid issues with dampness. Your home will be warmer in chilly winter and cooler in the summer – a win-win.

You may also want to fireproof your home for an added protection as accidents happen because no one thinks they will happen. It is always to be prepared. Therefore, more than half of the population rely on the fireproofing companies in Toronto, and perhaps it’s time for you too to consider the safety of the house and people living in it.

  • Reduced noise levels

Noise pollution can be damaging to our health and well-being. Moreover, people who often study or research at home can find the outside noise extremely disturbing. One way to cut down the disturbances such as traffic noise from outside is to install Exterior insulation – a quieter home is more comfortable.

  • Energy savings

Exterior insulation of your home is one of the most efficient ways to save energy. How much you save will depend on the type of insulation you choose and its thickness. On average, it’s estimated that the savings from external wall insulation are about $500 per year.

In addition, properly insulating your home increases your property’s value and many countries offer insulation bonuses. It will pay for your initial investment all the more quickly.

  • A more valuable and high-performance build

It’s important to consider the long-term impact of your renovation on your property’s value. Not only will be the potential buyers interested in the appearance of the home, but they will be delighted to hear that it’s energy-efficient and has low heating costs.

Investing in your home will eventually pay you off in the long-run, as a precisely insulated and thermally-efficient home is naturally more attractive to any potential buyers. So, you will not face much difficulty in selling it if you ever consider so. Therefore, most homeowners choose exterior insulation in Toronto.

  • Endless design options

One of the significant advantages of using exterior insulation is the endless number of design options afforded by the system. Exterior insulation comes in a variety of textures and in every color that you can imagine, thus offering the architect/workman an almost endless number of options to express their talent and creativity.

Along with offering numerous design choices when it comes to color and texture, exterior insulation also provides the flexibility of being shaped into almost any shape or form. It allows a homeowner or an architect to translate their dream designs into reality literally.

Exterior insulation is a three-in-one system.

Exterior insulation offers the benefits of a three-tier system encompassed into one. Along with providing insulation to the building, exterior insulation also provides the benefits of a plastering system as well as offering surprisingly unlimited design options. Isn’t it a deal of endless benefits?

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