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Five Simple Steps to Improve Mental Wellbeing

Ashish Kumar October 21, 2014

Five Simple Steps to Improve Mental Wellbeing

We know the way to having a great body and physique: you exercise and diet. Having a great mental health is a whole new thing to most people. They just don’t know how neither do they have any clue of the importance of a healthy state of mind. Mental health is all about the changes we need to undertake so that we can be free from mental illnesses and feel refreshed from within. This article sheds light on what mental wellbeing is all about and gives insight into some of the ways you can have a superb state of mind to relieve stress and keep away depression.

Most people think that mental wellbeing is synonymous to being happy. This is far from the truth. Mental wellbeing encompasses more than just happiness; it is about leading a lifestyle that is beneficial to you as well as those around you it is about feeling contented, being full of confidence and enjoying life; having a high self-esteem and doing the things you want. State of mental wellbeing can have many different forms, but the best description of it is feeling good and functioning well

We can all have an improved state of wellbeing. Here are some five simple steps you can undertake to having that great mental wellbeing:


Create and maintain strong bond with the relations that you have Enjoy the company of your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Spend more time with the people who are important to you Invest in your relationships.

Get active:

Being active does not necessarily going to the gym. You can take a walk; play a game of football or cycle. Find that activity that you love and enjoy doing and spend more time doing it. Doing the activities that you love and enjoy brings a sense of fulfillment and leads to a healthy state of mind.

Keep learning:

Each day purpose to learn a new thing. Learning new skills has the effect of spicing up your life. It makes you more confident and brings a sense of achievement. Learning does not have to stop at childhood. Enroll for that cooking class, visit the museum to learn about that historical figure, fix that broken door at home, and take that new responsibility at your work place. There are millions of ways you can learn new things.

Give to others:

You do not have to give big for it to matter. Even the smallest act does wonders. A smile, a kind word, advice or even a simple thank you can lead to a great mental wellbeing. It’s that simple. Not only do such acts as volunteering at your local community center improve your mental wellbeing but they also help you create more social networks. Help and support others so that you can have an improved mental wellbeing.

Notice the here and now

Spend some of your time noticing each of your senses each day. Feel the warmth of the sun, feel the breeze, enjoy the air you are breathing. It is very easy to drift to things of the past or worry about the future at the expense of enjoying the present moment. Making a conscious effort to enjoy the present moment will remarkably improve your mental wellbeing.

Having a good mental wellbeing is an achievable thing. Just be open minded while practicing it. With the help of ehic. Eric, you can visit the best consultants to give you deeper insight on having a great mental wellbeing.


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