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skyseoroundtable November 11, 2021

What Were They Thinking?

It’s happened over and over again in the world and we seem content to sit back and witness what a detriment it can be to others.  Two people with significant assets and business interest join together in matrimony only to end things in a messy and distasteful divorce years later.  He wants part of her business assets, she wants to manage his companies and the fallout ends up being the employees of both that find themselves out of a job when a judge decrees the assets are to be dissolved and separated equally.

What can prevent this from happening? A Prenuptial Agreement In New York City would keep the two spouses from having this problem.  What’s worse, if either or both of them have children that need to be protected and cared for, the contentiousness between the two can grow and the children end up in the middle paying the price for what their parents didn’t do; obtain a prenup from a lawyer in New York to protect the children and anything that was brought into the marriage.

While many may feel these agreements are unnecessary they actually spell out many topics of finances and child protection that can make the marriage and even the divorce much easier.  In order to obtain a prenuptial agreement in New York City the two potential spouses must obtain a lawyer and the best legal team in the area to handle this process is the team of Beckerman & Granados, PLLC.  With their help you will not fall into the same situation as described above, instead you can feel comfortable and secure knowing everything financially has been spelled out in your agreement and your interests, as well as those of your spouse, are protected.

A prenuptial agreement in New York City is not meant to be barrier to marriage but rather another step in the right direction toward marriage.  Entering matrimony is a legally binding agreement, so why not have a prenuptial agreement to offer the protection you need in the case of a divorce?  This agreement will spell out in detail the division of property, how the children will be provided for, preserve premarital assets, protect business interests, allow for a separation of individual debts, define what is marital property and determine how the household finances are being managed.

With all the financial aspects covered in a prenuptial agreement drafted by your lawyer in New York, you and your spouse will be free to focus on more important things during your marriage in the hopes of creating a happy time and living a long life of love together.  If something should happen and the two of you find yourselves facing a divorce, the prenuptial agreement will be able to help you and your lawyers separate the financial aspects of your marriage without much argument or contention because you and your spouse took the responsible action of enacting a Prenuptial Agreement In New York City prior to your marriage.

No one enters a marriage thinking of divorce and many times when the term prenuptial agreement comes up the families on either side of the potential marriage act and feel offended by the notion of such a document.  The reality is, drafting a prenup with the lawyers in New York at Beckerman & Granados, PLLC can be the most loving and responsible act you and your spouse have ever done.  Protect the children and your assets with an agreement that benefits everyone involved.

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