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angelineghs January 15, 2022

“Our primary attention is to review the current project and ensure that these projects are meaningful,” Jeff Foster, President. “If we do make sense, we will continue these projects, because historical comparisons are really important for the evaluation process. But if we think there is a meaningful project, what can we use to replace these projects to help us evaluate players?”

NFL considers the reform body measurement test projectMany people, such as New England Patriots Bill Bill Belichick, is dissatisfied with the NFL body measurement projects for NFL body measurement projects for Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China Belichicks. Will this day end?

Texas announced that it is cut off the king of the king, Johnson As expected, the Houston Texas Campaign announced that the team’s king of the team came from Andre Johnson. Johnson has been selected for professional bowls, which is the most in the history of the team.

After the safety sanctuary lack of this three-selection professional bowl, the second-line defensive naked eye visible is fragile. Although the current team records 9-2, but the prevention of the current ranking alliance countdown, the field allows the opponent to advance the 297.2 yards.

Barrett University, a total of 1211, 769 times, completed 769 times, the success rate of passing the ball reached 63.5%, and the 9434 yards were taken 104 times to more than 30 passes were copied. In addition, he also won the ball 656 times to get 3263 yards 43 times.

Rick Smith, Executive Vice-Chairman and General Manager of the Operation Department: “After trying to go to the transaction, we will notify Johnson today to ask him. The team has more represents the ball in history. Teams, cities and communities. Johnson is a famous player, and we thank him for the team’s contribution to the team. “

Andy Reid announced that security Beli (heel) will participate in Wednesday training. This is also the first opportunity to work on the training venue for the first time since Beiler from 8.11. Reed and Chief Trainer Rick Boxhod, Beiler’s injuries were taken in the daily observation.

In order to give Lewis out of vacancy, the American Tiger team took the injured new show, Allen Robinson, put it in a list of injuries in the season. Robinson lost to the Darlas Deni team on November 9th.

49 people defense is difficult to break, the power is powerful, what should I do with Andy Rid? Most teams in the League are first walking and passing, and this game Ride is first to complete the ball from the short pass, create short distance conversion opportunities, and then use pavement to complete the three-speed conversion; It is more RPO, and the Kyle is folded in the two wings to become a 49-person defense. More than 49 people have a fake run, and the rhythm of Mahmus is really sharp. Then, four-point guardian side line, a wild cat in four files, read the option to the ball to reach.

According to media reports, the national rugby test companies in operations are forming a project by NFL high-level, scouting, coach, trainer, team doctor, etc., have completed all the projects to review the body’s assumption.

The second half of the chief pavement off-attack no matter, it can only rely on Sami-Watekins pick up the offensive, until Xiaoba’s copy of the clints, 3 gear number, 49 people solid Cover3 Middle Road defense, plus Upper Mahms is poor reading, sending out of the seasonal career for the first time.

If the score is close, Andy Reed is slowly promoted by short pass and routine, avoiding the danger of attacking the Cover3 zone; but the score is sharply lagging, Mahmus has to be forced to attack 49 people invincible area defense, first half he After passing the distance and a long pass, the second half is the five minutes from the middle distance and the four long biography. In addition to increasing the difficulty and danger, Mahms 2.5 seconds of fastball shot mechanism is broken, and longer holding time means 49 people rushing “four little kings” to have more time to hit Mahms , Nick Boza almost every gear offense can kill the pocket, Diverster-Bakner always runs out of the pocket from the front, 49 people in the first half, only 7 cases And only the third quarter is close to the production of 10 times!

The reform body testing is a matter of recent consideration in recent years. This year’s physical measurement will be held in Indianapolis this week. Players will participate in 40 yards sprints, bench push, long jump, vertical jump, around three piles and return.

First, Xiahanehan will forget to attack the opponent with the offensive routine, and the remaining time may be slightly small; secondly, it is hard to pass almost no longer pass, and even the last month has no long biography. Poland, at this time, let him use the arm to determine the game, it is too unreliable. It turns out that when the 49 people are not strong, the plug is unable to create a ball space, and the length of the game of the Calibolo rushing panel has ended.

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