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Free GST Calculator Online India

sanjana777 January 5, 2021

Goods and services tax, abbreviated as GST, is the type of tax levied by the Government of India at the national level. Several GST Calculators are available on web platforms that can be used to calculate the cost of the GST. The GST charged by the Government of India to vendors, producers, and buyers of products and services at the national level. GST is taken from the definition of Value Added Tax (VAT) which means that it is levied at each point and that the customer is to pay the amount of GST paid by the last dealer or seller in the supply chain.

The GST (Goods or Services Tax) is the VAT charged on the bulk of domestic goods and services. Consumers are opting for the GST, but production and service firms are turned over to the government. In reality, GST gives government revenue. The GST is a tax on the production, sale, and consumption of goods and services in the country of origin. It is proposed that a number of small and large companies have a GST identification number to be accepted in compliance with the GST rules and regulations.

GST is divided into five independent tax levies for tax collection – 0 percent, 5 percent, 12 percent, 18 percent and 28 percent. Before GST, there was considerable uncertainty as to the applicable tax rates for different products, but GST implemented the HSN code (4-8 digit code) which helps to specify the applicable GST rate for different products. The country is split into two parts, one of which is the state where your company is headquartered and the other half of which is made up of the other countries of India. 

About Our Free GST Calculator Online India

The Free GST calculator online India is a simple, ready-to-use online calculator to calculate the GST payable for one month or a quarter. This calculator can be used by all types of customers, such as buyers, retailers, and wholesalers.

The GST online calculator is used to measure the GST tax rate based on the GST tax rate. It provides you with the price of the GST(CGST,SGST,IGST) and the net price for your original number.

As at present, the tax rate is expected to be between 5% and 28%. Through using the GST calculator, you can conveniently measure the GST tax price by including the total value of the products or services and the relevant GST rate (5 per cent, 12 per cent, 18 per cent or 28 per cent). You’ll get the GST number and the overall amount. The GST calculator allows you to figure out whether the gross or net price of the commodity is dependent on the percentage of GST prices. The GST calculator saves time and reduces the risk of human error when estimating the overall cost of products and services.

Method for measuring GST using the GST calculator:

Under the current tax system, taxpayers can read about the various rates of GST available to different groups. These are 0 per cent, 5 per cent, 12 per cent, 18 per cent and 28 per cent, which are required for the measurement of the GST.

Different heads of tax under the GST:

  • GST can be grouped into four distinct heads, such as
  • State Goods and Services Tax (SGST): this tax is levied by the Government of the State.
  • Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST): this tax is levied by the central government.
  • Union Territorial Goods and Services Tax (UTGST): Union Territorial Government collects this tax.

IGST refers to interstate goods where the source of the commodity is in a different state and the product is distributed in a different state. In such a case, an equivalent amount of CGST and SGST is imposed on interstate supplies.

Advantages with the GST Calculator

The GST (Goods or Services Tax) calculator helps you to measure the gross or net price of a commodity based on the ratio of the value of the GST. It helps to bifurcate the rate between CGST and SGST or explicitly calculate IGST. The GST calculator saves time and reduces the risk of human error in calculating the real cost of goods and services.

Formula for determining the amount of the GST

The GST number calculator uses a generic method to measure the GST. There are two facets of this calculator—add GST and subtract GST from the overall price of the object.

The following formula is used to incorporate GST.

Sum of GST= (Price x GST percent )

Net price = Commodity cost + sum of GST

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