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Frequently Asked Questions about Battery Shades

allensmith December 22, 2021

Home automation is the latest innovation in the home décor industry. With the expansion of the Internet and connectivity, the lifestyle habits of people inside of their homes have changed.. Nowadays, there is hardly any device that cannot be controlled by a remote and window treatments are no exception. With so many options on the market, choosing motorized or electric window treatments can be a bit confusing. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you identify the correct battery shades for your space easily.

⮚ What are motorized window treatments and their functionalities?

Motorized window treatments are shades that are operated with the help of an electric motor and are controlled by a remote. The lifting function is motorized and in the case of shutters, the tilting of the slats is automated. In motorized shades, only a few cords dangle from the window treatment, thereby making them a safe choice for houses with pets or kids. Thus, battery-operated shades offer a clean, safe look while merging with any kind of existing interior décor.

⮚ How are automated blinds powered?

Motorized shades and blinds are powered by lithium batteries while some operate with the help of rechargeable batteries. Some automated blinds also operate on rechargeable motors that can be charged by connecting to an outlet with the help of a USB cord. How long the battery shades will work depends on the type and frequency of use of the shades. Some batteries used in these types of blinds are disposable and some are rechargeable. With a single recharge of one battery pack, it can last for around 6 months. But, again, the lifespan of a battery varies according to the size of the shades and how often they are used.

⮚ Can motorized shades be operated by smart devices?

Compatibility of automated window treatments with smart devices depends on their brands. Battery shades are mostly operated by remote control but some high-end shades are compatible with smart devices like tablets or smartphones. When compatible with smartphones or tablets, an app has to be downloaded on the device and programmed for operating the blinds. This advanced technology enables you to operate the shades or blinds from anywhere, even when you are not at home. You will have to schedule a program so the shades will open and close at a set time.

Motorized window treatments are a quite reliable option for your window treatment. The only real caveat to choosing them is that their batteries have to be replaced or charged periodically for smooth operation. How often the blinds will really determine the frequency of replacement. 

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