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From Instagram to your Customer

Epilogue February 6, 2019

The present day scenario defines the customs and preferences of a consumer in terms of social media more than it ever did before. The essence and complexity of a brand seems irrelevant if it doesn’t understand and impresses its consumer, especially on a platform that has revolutionized the marketing world today. The data and analytics all scream about the ever-increasing use of digital media among consumers.

“The number of users on internet in India is expected to cross 500 Mn this year. M&E can play an increasingly stronger role in informing, empowering and inspiring the nation. As many more businesses as well as the regulators take cognizance of this, the time is now to reimagine what the new consumer experience should be, reimagine the boundaries of creativity and content, reimagine business models and even reimagine regulation to foster this new landscape,” said Uday Shankar (Chairman FICCI Media & Entertainment Committee) while talking about the new digital consumer in the FICCI KPMG Report 2018.

Pursuing various platforms without a foresight on the social media trends may result in the failure of the marketing strategy of a brand. There are some tips that can give you an insight on how to make your brand speak in the current social media universe.

Research, Explore, Adopt

When you wish to introduce your brand to social media, it has to be creative. The uniqueness of your product has to be highlighted through the features that the social media platform offers. One should put in research to select the best platforms for your brand, explore their features in depth and adopt their use fully. For example, a small introductory video as Instagram and Facebook stories can be a good way to use both the brand and the platform simultaneously and efficiently.

Shoppable Posts

The shoppable posts features helps brands, especially fashion and beauty brands to establish a direct link between your product and your consumer’s shopping cart. This helps you to showcase your product as an attraction and a potential purchase. Platforms like Instagram helps you create such posts where the consumer can tap on the image of your product and a pop-up shows the name and price, while also enabling the consumer to go to the company’s website to view further details and buy it.

Social Listening

A consumer always prefers a brand that listens and responds and then further act on it. Having responsive social media strategies wherein you interact with the consumer through comments, messages and stories helps the consumer establish faith in the brand. It is a form of customer service that establishes approachability, accountability and credibility. Latest technology like AI and Chatbots help in creating better B2C interaction.

Relevant and Quality Posts

The consumer may not remain interested in the greatness of your brand until you establish what your product does for the consumer. The mission here is not only to stand out but to communicate the uniqueness, creativity and vision of your brand in relation to the consumer’s preference and lifestyle. Going viral through a video does not produce long term benefits but being consistent in your interaction with the consumer helps you to embed yourself in the consumer’s mind.

Use the influence

Social media has created the reign of social media celebrities, people who attract followers through their particular fashion preferences, tutorials and style. They are self proclaimed critiques of a product that guide the general consumer to go for a particular brand or style. Teaming up with these influencers allow your brand to reach the added audience of these celebrities and gives you an edge through their popularity.

Whether it is advertising or event management agency in Chandigarh or Chicago, agencies everywhere struggle to make their brands understand that a consumer now first consumes the platform, then the product. Whether the onus lies on the brand or the advertising agency, both need to establish a link with the customer that is constantly updated with time.


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